Despite extended hiatus, 9News Your Show will return, according to 9News’ Dennis

I was thinking 9News’ YourShow was being shuffled off the air, post-election, since nothing has aired since reporter Chris Vanderveen moderated a YourShow debate between CU Regent-at-Large candidates Stephen Ludwig, a Democrat, and Republican Brian Davidson. That was about four months ago. (The Democrat went on to win.)

Your Show, which is a public affairs program that solicits questions and ideas for guests from viewers (hence, the name), was the brainchild of longtime 9News political reporter Adam Schrager, who left about two years ago.

I asked 9News’ Vice President/News Patti Dennis what was up with YourShow, and she told me “it’s not going away.”

Dennis said the concept may change somewhat, but the station is “committed” to a airing the program on a regular basis, and it will return once some outstanding issues are resolved.

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