IRS troubles light up CO Springs talk radio

Jeff Crank works for Koch-Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity and doubles as conservative-talk-radio-host poster child, holding forth on KVOR in Colorado Springs.

I offer Crank’s comments below, from Saturday’s show,to illustrate how the troubles at the IRS give echoers like Crank the perfect springboard to reach for their deepest anti-government rhetoric, while demonizing Obama at the same time in the most extreme and shadowy ways.

Crank: “This is the moment to stand up and say we need to rip the IRS out by its roots! Grab it and throw it away and eliminate it! Get RID of the IRS! Throw it out the window! Let it be—throw it on the ash heap of history! Make it be the Soviet Union! Something that we remember in the disant past! No federal agency should be feared like this – and bureaucrats should never ever have this kind of power. It’s sickening! It’s absolutely sickening to see this kind of thing.”

He added that it’s sicker that we don’t have a leader in the White House who will stand up and get rid of these Jack Booted thugs at the IRS. Then later, he got more specific about Obama:

Caller (Mrs. Youngblood): “The reason I thought why the IRS is attacking most of the religious organizations was that to silence them because he [Obama] is wanting to establish a One World Religion…which would be Muslim. These religious organizations just didn’t meet his standards. [he’s trying to] Keep them from growing. I know he’s Muslim.”

Crank: “…Some people will argue, ‘Oh, he’s not Muslim.’ Whatever, I’ll tell you this — He’s no friend of Christianity. When you’re attacking churches left and right and their tax status… there’s not one mosque that’s come forward and said, ‘You know what? The IRS is really attacking us’ Did you notice that, Mrs. Youngblood?”

Asked via Twitter if Crank really thinks Obama is “no friend of Christianity,” Crank replied: “I said there weren’t any Mosques that got an IRS root canal. Christian ministries did. True?”

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