Journalist sets good example by using Twitter to tell us who’s not talking to her

The Denver Post’s Allison Sherry set a good example for her fellow journalists today by usng Twitter to tell us who isn’t talking to her.

Sherry tweeted: @RepMikeCoffman refuses to answer in person questions on the CR, says will only talk about funding federal govt ‘in writing’

It’s a great use of Twitter, in part because it allows the dwindling numbers of political journalists to know how they might be able to act collectively to get info from hiding politicians, who often choose to grant interviews to some reporters while ignoring others.

A public-minded reporter, lucky enough to have access to Coffman (or any bunkered pol), might see a tweet like Sherry’s and step up with questions. Reporters at different outlets are still competitors, for sure, but these days you see them taking more collective action for the greater good.

It’s obviously easier and easier for pubic officials to avoid journalists, as their ranks and audience declines. Tweeting the media-avoidance habits of politicians on a regular basis is a good response to a bad situation.

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