On Facebook, County GOP chair says taking down confederate flag is bowing to “leftist, racist political correctness”

Trump won in South Carolina because GOP primary voters were angry at establishment Republicans for “submitting to the leftist, racist political correctness and removing the confederate flag without discussion,” according to Anil Mathai, the chair of the Adams County Republican Party.

Mathai: “People are totally missing what happened tonight in South Carolina,” wrote Mathai in an analysis on Facebook. “It doesn’t make sense at all but, wait, it does. It wasn’t about Trump. The Republicans of South Carolina rejected Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and Congressman Trey Gowdy. Why? Because they all endorsed the establishment candidate Rubio, but what’s worse? A few months ago they sold the people of South Carolina out by immediately submitting  to the leftist, racist political correctness and removing the confederate flag without discussion. They cursed out the conservative base in South Carolina by listening to the leftists and tonight the base returned the favor. This wasn’t about Trump. It was about establishment Republican control of once popular but now loser politicians in South Carolina. Tonight, Haley, Scott, Graham, and Gowdy (with Rubio) are urinating in their pants as their time in office is coming to a close really soon! You turn on your constitution loving, Republican platform supporting base, and you will pay a price. Trump and Cruz rode the wave.”

Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law in July, 2015, removing the confederate flag from the SC state capitol, after a massacre at nine black churches in Charleston. The flag’s presence had obviously long been a source of conflict there and nationally prior to last year.

Mathai did not return a call for comment on the Feb. 20 post on the Colorado Tea Party page. He also discussed on conservative talk radio in less stark language.

But by referring to arguments for the removal of the confederate flag as “leftist, racist political correctness,” it appears that Mathai himself sides with those in South Carolina who opposed the removal of the confederate flag.

The Colorado Republican Party has apparently not taken a position one way or the other on the confederate flag, but county chairs like Mathai, elected by fellow Republicans, are free to take positions on issues as long as they don’t endorse candidates in a primary. In his radio interview and Facebook post, Mathai did not endorse a presidential candidate.

Last year, liberals accused Adams County Republican Vice Chair John Sampson of posting racist comments on Facebook, but Sampson said he judges people based on their character, not skin color or anything else.

Key swing state races will take place in Adams country in November.


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