Caplis Vs. Reuters

The Israelis are bombing Lebanon July 14 and Reuters, the world’s largest news agency with 2,300 editorial staff in 130 countries, reports that the Vatican “deplores” the attack on a “free and sovereign nation.”     

On his afternoon KHOW talk radio show, Dan Caplis announces that Reauters is known to be biased, so we should be skeptical of its news report about the Vatican.

What bias, I’m wondering? Anti-Catholic?

Caplis usually seems more careful than his fellow talk-radio conservatives about throwing around accusations of media bias. I called him for a comment, but he did not respond.

Most likely, Caplis thinks Reuters has a liberal bias but I doubt he can produce a study backing this up. He might point to a story or two that shows a liberal bias, but this does not support a sweeping accusation of bias, which is an insult to the journalists who work for Reuters. Such accusations hurt journalism and poison public debate because they make people tune out.

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