Rosen denies plagiarism

An electric power cooperative recently paid a global warming critic $100,000 to serve as a consultant.

Intermountain Rural Electric Association general manager Stanley Lewandowski sent a letter July 17 to at least 50 utilities urging them to “stand up” against global warming “alarmists,” according to the Denver Post and, later, the Rocky Mountain News.

The Real Climate blog noticed that Lewandowski’s July 17 letter contained sections that were nearly identical to a June 9 column by Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Rosen. Colorado Media Matters posted a nice chart Aug. 1 comparing Lewandowski’s memo to Rosen’s column.

So, did Lewandowski crib from Rosen or vice versa?

In a phone interview Wed., Rosen told me that he was unaware of the controversy about the Lewandowski letter, and Rosen said he did not see a draft of Lewandowski’s July 17 lettter prior to writing his June 9 column.



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