Dems favor Rosen

Hick and Ritter both go on Mike Rosen’s talk radio show each month. Rosen is a loyal Republican–not to mention mean.

So why don’t these Democrats appear on a lefty show?

The Dems say that they’ve never been asked, but they’d consider it.

Unfortunately, there really aren’t many options. There’s KGNU (1390 am). It has a noon talk show called Metro. Then There’s Rick Barber on KOA in the middle of the night. That’s it for left-leaning talk radio.

Except Jay Marvin, on 760 am, which carries mostly Air America programs in addition to Marvin, who’s local.

But Marvin doesn’t want Dems on his show on a regular basis, he emailed me:

“No I have never asked either of them to be on monthly. I do not do that with anyone except for a select few like the folks from Media Matters and Christy Harvey. A morning drive show is not the same as a mid-day show. Things change too quickly. I saw Bill Ritter last week. I told him he can come on anytime he wants, but I never ask for him unless there is a story out there for him to comment on. As for the Mayor I’m not a big fan. I think he did a lousy job with the snow this winter and the roads are awful. So I’m not a big fan.”

I pointed out to Marvin that Rosen makes news by having these politicians scheduled to be on his show. Sometimes they’re in a crisis, and they make news on his show. Plus, having Colorado politicos on these shows would help give them more credibility–even though, it’s true, politicians can be boring on the radio. Still, if I were Marvin, I’d ask em.

Marvin replied:

“I like Bill Ritter a lot. And he always will come on with me if I ask. The same with Congressman Udall. Also the same with Congressman Pearlmutter. Colorado Democrats hardly ever say no. That goes for all of them. It’s the national ones I have trouble with. The Dems on a national level are not very smart when it comes to using talk radio, and progressive talk on a local level. Here in Colorado this is the best state party I have ever worked with. Pat Wakk is very smart and knows the media. So you should let folks know the Dems here never hide out on me. It’s the national Dems who have a problem.”

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