I asked KOA talk show host Mike Rosen what thought of Jay Marvin’s response (See below.). This is what he emailed me yesterday:
I’ve had a parade of Denver mayors and Colorado governors on my 9-noon show once a month for almost 20 years.  It’s a tradition. It’s not always exciting radio, although sometimes it can be.  We do it mostly as a public service.  They come on my show because KOA is the blowtorch, heard statewide, and we have the biggest audience.  With all the demands on their time, it just isn’t practical to do many other radio appearances. While I’m an admitted partisan Republican, I usually take a back seat during these sessions so that they may communicate one on one with callers.  Of the mayors, Federico Pena gave the best radio; Hick is pretty good.  Wellington Webb was the most difficult to listen to, never giving a 300-word answer to a question if he could ramble on, deliberately, for 3,000.   Bill Owens was the most air-savvy of the governors; Roy Romer and Dick Lamm were good.  Bill Ritter is getting more comfortable. 

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