ColoradoSenateNews corrects itself

The website posted a piece yesterday titled, “Measure to save local governments money defeated by Democrat-controlled committee.”

Contrary to what the headline says, the measure would actually have resulted in a letter being sent to Congress asking the EPA to review a bill–again.

Not much money saved by local governments in that.

But here’s the strange part.

The ColoradoSenateNews piece quotes Sen. Ted Harvey as saying, “In a time of economic scarcity, this measure would really have helped keep the cost of local water projects affordable and saved taxpayers’ money.”

Then, in the next paragraph, ColoradoSenateNews contradicts its own headline, and Harvey’s statement, by explaining what the resolution would have actually done.

“Senate Joint Resolution 18, sponsored by Sen. Ted Harvey, would have asked Congress to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider an appropriation bill that put retroactive Davis Bacon requirements on water projects.”

As a journalist, you don’t want to regurgitate a quote containing misinformation–unless you correct the quoted statement. In this case, ColoradoSenateNews set Harvey–and its own inaccurate headline–straight.

Despite its name, may not qualify as a journalistic entity, but in this case, it sort of acted like one. Afflicted with schizphrenia, that is.


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