Grassroots Radio Colorado a “permanent fixture” on KLZ 560 AM

If you hear a media company promoting itself as, “Crawford Broadcasting, for god and country,” then your bias is to think it’s right wing. But it wouldn’t have to be, of course. Conservatives don’t have a lock on god and country. It could be a progressive station.

But it’s not. It is, in fact, a right-wing outfit. And in Colorado, it manifests itself as Crawford-owned KLZ 560 AM on your radio dial.

The program line-up is mostly syndicated hard-right wingers, but it airs a talk show on local issues as well. The slot used to be hosted by anti-abortion activist Jim Pfaff, whose questioning of Ken Buck caught my attention last year, but he departed from KLZ AM 56o after the election to take a job in Congress.

Now KLZ’s local show is called “Grassroots Radio Colorado,’ and it’s been added to the permanent line-up, after a successful trial period, according to a statement by co-host Ken Clark, reported by blogger Ari Armstrong:

I was told that it could not be done, especially by two guys with zero radio experience and more importantly, in a “major market.” Well, we proved them wrong by hosting the show for over six weeks straight (an audition if you will), after which Crawford agreed to a contract. Now Jason Worley and I are permanent fixtures on 560 KLZ.

“We are the voice of the grassroots liberty movement in Colorado,” Jason Worley said on a recent show.

 That’s the truth. If you want hear and understand the Tea Party, and you want to do it in your breezy car as you head home from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., tune to 560 AM.

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