CO Springs radio host cleanses his Facebook fan page of BigMedia questions; maybe you’ll have better luck if you try

Maybe you saw my post a couple weeks ago about a Colorado Springs talk-radio host who laughs hysterically (and grotesquely) when a caller tells him that Michele Obama reminds her of a main character in the Planet of the Apes. You have to hear it to believe it.

In response to my questions about this, one of Lakey’s supervisors at KVOR emailed me that Lakey did not know “whether his laughter following her Michelle Obama observation was out of humor or simply discomfort.”

I’ve been trying to get a response from Lakey himself but to no avail.

Is he sorry? How could he not figure out if he was feeling uncomfortable or elated?

So I posted a question on Lakey’s fan page on Facebook Sept. 21:

Hi Jimmy — I’m a progressive blogger in Denver, and I heard you howl with laughter Aug. 21 when a caller told you that Michele Obama reminded you of a character in The Planet of the Apes. I admit that the left is sometimes too quick to condemn “insensitive” jokes, but I’m wondering why you were laughing Aug. 21. Here’s the audio clip.

Lakey didn’t respond, so I posted a second message the next day:

I’d like to conduct a poll of readers of Jimmy Lakey’s Facebook page. Do you think he should respond to my question below, posted on Sept. 21?

Within a couple days, my posts were deleted, and I was banned from posting further comments.

If you want to try to get an answer from Lakey to my questions or any others, please post them on Lakey’s fan page here. We’ll see if he deletes your questions, too, or answers them.

I had a feeling Lakey would expunge my queries from his page, so I made a screen grab of his Facebook page before he deleted my questions.

Here's BigMedia's post on Jimmy Lakey's fan page on Facebook before it was deleted.

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