Boyles’ coverage of OccupyDenver protest shines

KHOW’s Peter Boyles apparently spent most of the evening in Civic Center Park last night to cover the dramatic chapter in the OccupyDenver/Wall-Street-Greed protest that was at first ignored by media large and small and then deluged with coverage.

But Boyles’ work stood out, as he took the protesters seriously from the get go, spent a lot of time with them and got to know them, and gave them a voice.

Print media, tweets, TV, blogs, all of the other media formats, didn’t really do justice to the personalities and motivations of the protesters. Boyles reminded me that a radio broadcast, with an intelligent host, can play a role in situations like this that other media formats, with their time constraints and ADD, just can’t.

Boyles is obviously a bizarre guy, whose broadcasts are often mindlessly destructive, but he’s doing a great job on this story.

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