Pot activist Tvert makes good sub on AM 760

I like seeing marijuana-reform activist Mason Tvert in the news, because he understands how to be entertaining and informative, while the norm with political activists is to be heavy on the informative part and too light with the entertainment.

That’s one reason you see Tvert on TV.

But Wednesday, who’s subbing for David Sirota on AM760, Colorado’s Prgressive Talk? Tvert.

Tvert demonstrated that he’s not just about pot. He kicked ass on numerous topics.

I’m not saying he should replace Sirota, who’s doing a great job with the morning show. But Tvert makes a good sub.

I asked Tvert via email if he’d been on the radio before:

I filled in for Sirota last Friday, and I did two shows last summer as a sub for Mario Solis-Marich (AM760 afternoon drive).  Otherwise, my experience with radio has been on the other side of the interview, so to speak.  

Does he enjoy it?

Yes, it’s great.   Nice to be able to air my views on issues other than those involving marijuana and drug policy.  I also enjoy the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the listeners and the guests.  The first time I hosted a show (for Mario last summer), I managed to get Ted Haggard on the phone and get him to say he would accept the LGBT community at his new church (his church opening was in the news that day and it was just a day before Pride Fest in Denver).  I wrote a small piece about it and included a clip.

Judging from his beer promotions on his show, Sirota seems to prefer beer over pot. Is this a problem for you?

Sirota has been a very vocal supporter of reforming marijuana laws and has dedicated a great deal of coverage to the issue via his show and his writing.  It’s great to have him out there sparking discussion amongst the progressive community and letting them know this is an important issue, as well as one on which they should be comfortable speaking out. 

Any plans to continue with talk radio or other media work?

Would love to continue guest hosting shows and I try to find time to write, particularly on Huffington.  With the campaign going it is tough.  

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