Post Editorial Page Editor says offering “wide variety” of views remains a priority with Littwin gone

I just wrote Mike Littwin a thank-you e-mail for being such a reliable source of amazement and inspiration for so many years. I mean, how lucky was Denver to have a writer of his caliber for so long at a daily newspaper?

What he wrote about didn’t matter. That’s why my Republican mother-in-law, who doesn’t read my blog, kept telling me how much she loved him, even though she hates Obama so much she can barely contain herself once she gets going.

I hope Littwin somehow lands somewhere else in town, but meanwhile, without cheapening the loss of Littwin and others at the Post, you have to wonder about the op-ed page at The Denver Post now.

Littwin and Vince Carroll balanced each other out on the page, as former Post Editorial Page Editor Dan Haley told me last year when I pointed out, with careful bean counting, that The Post op-ed page was more balanced with Harsanyi gone.

Haley told me at the time:

Locally, as of next week, we will have two main op-ed columnists (Carroll/Littwin) who will write 12 columns a month from the right and left. That’s balance.

I emailed The Post’s Editorial Page Editor Curtis Hubbard this morning, and after expressing my sadness about the layoffs and telling him I didn’t want to cheapen Littwin by looking ahead while Littwin’s chair on the editorial board is still warm, I asked Hubbard how he’ll balance the commentary page now that Littwin’s columns, blogs, and tweets are gone?

He replied:

We’ve still got a lot to sort through here, but providing a wide variety of voices and viewpoints remains a priority or the op-ed page.


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