Southern Colorado radio station to replace conservative Osborn show with more “balanced” program

In what probably won’t be a trend, but should be, a southern Colorado radio station plans to replace an extreme right-wing talk show with a program offering a balance of progressive and conservative views.

KENN talk-show host Sean Jeremy Osborn left his show, the Painful Truth, to write a book, Osborne announced during his last show on April 6.

Osborn’s show was broadcast throughout the four-corners area, reaching Durango, Cortez, and elsewhere in Colorado.

I’ve listened to most talk-radio shows in Colorado, and I can tell you that, no matter where you sit on the ideological spectrum, Osborn’s show, with its stream of insults, inane sound effects, and dead silence, and Osborn’s son as side kick, was the worst.

I tried to avoid the Painful Truth, but I wrote about Osborn twice, once when he announced that all Iranians should be killed and another time when he called a Democratic strategist a “stupid female dog,” an “ignorant slut,” a “stupid retard” and more.

I was kind of hoping Osborn got fired, because he deserved it, but it turns out he left on his own.

“He went off to pursue book writing; he wasn’t fired,” said General Manager Bill Kruger of the KENN 1390, which broadcasts from Farmington, New Mexico.

“I’d like to have a local show that has both the Democratic as well as the Republican viewpoints, more balanced,” said Kruger when asked about his plans for the morning time slot, which is temporarily featuring Glenn Beck.  “I want a show that allows people to think and comment whether they have an issue with Democrats or Republicans.”

He said such a show would appeal to “more of the listening audience.”

Osborn had announced previously on his show that if he ever won the lottery, he’d quit. And he said during his final broadcast that he basically won the lottery because he got a big contract to write a book titled, “Brain Disconnect Disorder.”

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