Romney appearance on Spanish-language radio show not promised, but still possible, host says

It’s been fun to watch politicos jumping up and down to catch the attention of  Hispanic media outlets, when there was a time not long ago when such outlets were ignored and ignored again.

Hence, in May, President Obama made what appears to be the first appearance by a U.S. President on Spanish-language radio in Colorado. He spent 20 minutes answering questions from host Fernando Sergio on “La Voz del Pueblo,” which airs weekdays KBNO-1280 AM.

In telling the story of Obama’s appearance on KBNO, I reported that, not to be outdone, Colorado GOP Chair Ryan Call had promised Sergio that Mitt Romney would make not one but two appearances on La Voz Del Pueblo, prior to the November election.

Sergio told me at the time that no dates had been set for the Romney appearances, but Call had promised that he’d get Romney on his show. “The doors are wide open,” Sergio said. “We will be as respectful with Governor Romney as we were with the President.”

Now Call has told Sergio that there was a misunderstanding, and Call was promising to make himself (that would be Ryan Call) available for two interviews, not Romney, according to Sergio.

Now, Ryan Call can give a decent interview, and he even Speaks Spanish, but, let’s face it, most reporters can’t stop turning to bygone Dick Wadhams for comments on GOP matters. In any case, Call is no Mitt Romney.

Sergio says that Call has assured him that Call, as well as Romney campaign staff, will still do their best to land Romney. But there’s no promise.

In response to an email query, Sergio wrote me:

After you wrote the article related to my interview with President Obama, Ryan told me that he never implied that Mr. Romney would be a guest of mine. Rather, he was making himself available to be interviewed and that he would do his best to help me land Romney. I have been in touch with Yohana de la Torre, who works for the Romney campaign, and she also promised to try to schedule an interview with the Governor.

Thus, my cordial conversations with Ryan and Yohana have led me to understand that both will try to encourage the Romney campaign to look into scheduling an interview with me, but there are no guarantees.

To put this situation in perspective, you should know that Romney has already appeared on most of the major talk radio stations in Denver this year.

He’s been on KOA Morning News once in May and again in June.

In February, Romney took time from his busy schedule in Colorado to be on KOA’s Mike Rosen Show, KHOW’s Caplis and Silverman Show, as well as Steamboat Springs’ syndicated Cari and Rob Show (now, like Caplis and Silverman, defunct, though Romney undoubtedly didn’t contribute to the downfall of these shows).

And I could easily have missed a few radio shows that Romney was on.

So if I’m Sergio at KBNO, I’d be expecting a visit from Romney soon, or I might get pissed off, if I’m not already feeling jerked around.

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