Talk-radio host sinks low in predicting riots if Obama is defeated

Big swaths of the conservative talk-radio world are seething with anger against Muslims this morning, getting away with saying stuff that could easily get them fired if they said it about any other major religion.

But one conservative talk-radio host in Colorado Springs sees the mob mentality in a group of Americans here at home: Obama supporters.

“If  Barack Obama is defeated, I fully expect for there to be riots in American cities,” KVOR talk-radio host Richard Randall said Saturday on the Jeff Crank Show, substituting for regular host Jeff Crank. “I fully expect it.”

As for Randall’s side of the political fence:

“If [Obama] is re-elected, you’re not going to see riots, but you’re going to see people who are very close to their rights and hang on to them closely… I’m not big on armed revolution.  I hope, in our country, there is never, ever again any form of government that would  require the American public to do what many of us are prepared to do, and that is, we own guns—

I own guns. People ask me, ‘why do you  own guns?’  Because they’re cool, and  I like them, Um, they’re fun to shoot.  And I own them primarily for protection.  My number one job as a parent is to keep my family safe and that is one of the mechanisms for doing it.  […] I hope I never have to use those weapons.  And some of them are military,  you know.  […]  I don’t hope that we ever have to have armed conflict.  But it’s going to be dicey, no matter who wins this election.

I would hate to be in Chicago or Detroit, some of those areas when President Barak Obama is defeated, because I think there has been this mentality that they are entitled to him to be president.  And somehow if he’s not, it would have been rigged against him, or something.

So Obama is an entitlement? And his loss of will bring riots? Like bread riots?

Maybe Randall has said the word “entitlement” so many times, so mindlessly, that he can’t keep it in his mouth. Now would be a good time for him to do so, because how much more disrespectful can you get?

Well, ask a Muslim who listened to many a conservative talk show this morning.

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