Birth control is like a crisp potato chip

Laura Carno, the former producer of KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show, appeared on KVOR’s Richard Randall show Wednesday.

She had a loving conversation with Randall about birth control, and here’s little segment of it, for your edification.

It nicley sums up how conservative talk show hosts think about birth control.

It’s so simple, like a crisp potato chip.

Carno:  I also don’t want to pay for your potato chips and your paper towels, and those are lovely products as well.  Birth control is just a product.   I go to the store.  I buy it. I don’t talk to you about it, I don’t talk to the government about it.  I simply purchase it as if it were a bag of potato chips!  Move on!  Let’s stop talking about birth control.

Randall:  There are people who want to simplify everything, and they are called “spinmeisters” on the left.

Now those are two complex minds at work right there.

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