Coffman still hiding from conservative radio host

One of the highlights of election-season radio was ultra-conservative KNUS talker Steve Kelley banning Mike Coffman from his radio show because Coffman wouldn’t answer questions about Coffman’s comment that Obama is not an American “in his heart.”

I wondered, given Kelley’s over-heated partisanship on the air these days, if he’d lifted the Coffman ban in order to give Coffman some friendly air time in his tight race against Democrat Joe Miklosi.

So I called Kelley, who’d just spent 32 hours in a swing, literally, trying to swing the vote toward Romney, whether he’d let Coffman on his radio show. During our on-air conversation on KNUS this morning, Kelley said:

Kelley: “We have not invited Mike Coffman back on, as I said I wouldn’t. And really, I meant it…But no, I really felt that Congressman Coffman was hiding at that point, not wanting to stand behind that statement and I didn’t necessarily disagree with it. I didn’t think is it was that outrageously bad. We’ve heard a whole lot worse. So not to have his campaign be willing to get the candidate on shortly after that when it was timely upset me.

Jason Salzman: So you’re still done with him?

Kelley: Well, yeah. He’s really not invited on the program at this point, though I’ve bumped into Congressman Coffman a few times. I just didn’t appreciate that, but, I will say this, I will still be voting for him.

So if I were Kelley, I’d see how the election goes, then decide whether to reach out to Coffman again. He might be more open to talking about the details of his “birther moment,” as 9News put it, after the votes are cast.

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