Conservative talk-radio host tells caller, who admitted committing voter fraud, to consider lying to authorities

KOA’s Mike Rosen began his radio show this morning in Denver by saying the left is unconcerned about “unethical, illegal, immoral behavior” and therefore willing to commit election fraud.

Then, in the next hour, Rosen suggested that a caller, who admitted forging the name of his son on a mail-in ballot, lie to authorities in order to avoid penalties.

To Rosen’s credit, he told the caller he did the wrong thing, and he should probably report the fraud, which allegedly resulted in his son’s voting twice for Romney.

But Rosen apparently forgot what he said earlier about conservatives being all law-abiding and the left being a bunch of liars.

Rosen actually did what he accused the left of doing, by suggesting the caller lie to authorities to avoid being charged with election fraud, most likely a felony.

Here’s what Rosen said in hour one:

Rosen: The left imagines that the ends justify the means, which is why their unethical, illegal, immoral behavior, is not judged by them, as they rationalize, as any of those things, because the ends justify the means. Republicans tend to be more civil and constrained by the law and decorum.

Here’s Rosen’s conversation in hour three:

Brian: Hey Mike, I got a little dilemma here. I get the ballots by mail, and two of my kids are away at school.

Rosen: Yeah.

Brian: And you know being a good dad, I voted for them. I know you’re not supposed to do that.

Rosen: You signed? You forged their name? On the mail-in ballot?

Brian: I’m afraid I did.

Rosen: You shouldn’t do that.

Brian: I know. Well, I did do that, and because they asked me to last year.

Rosen: It doesn’t matter [laughing]. You can’t do that. It’s illegal, what you did.

Brian: Well, I did use a fake name, by the way. But–

Rosen: What do you mean a fake name. You have to sign the name of the registrant.

Brian: Yeah, but it’s just kind of scribbly. But let me ask you, so that’s done. I know it was stupid. It won’t happen again.

Rosen: Yeah.

Brian: But I just talked to my son and he’s so happy he voted. He voted for Romney. So he voted for Romney twice. What do you think I ought to do?

Rosen: You ought to do the right thing. Call your county clerk and explain the situation. I don’t know if you want to confess that you forged the signature [laughs]. I don’t know what the penalty for that is. You can claim ignorance and say that your son told you to sign his name. But what you’ve done is wrong. [laughing] I don’t know what kind of advice I can give you.

Brian: Do you think it’s going to come out in the wash?

Rosen: I don’t know. I don’t know what processes are in place to record a double-counted vote. I mean, given the computers, it shouldn’t be that tough.

Brian: Ok. All right. I think I’ll call — who is it I should call?

Rosen: Well, your county clerk and recorder. You might–you can call the Secretary of State’s Office for guidance. And maybe don’t give your name. [laughing]

Brian: [laughing] No, I won’t.

Rosen: I don’t know if you have a 5th Amendment problem here, for self-incrimination, but you haven’t been sworn. So anyhow, so how did your son come to vote, if you had his absentee ballot?

Brian: [laughing]. I don’t know. I don’t know. He said he voted.

Rosen: Now this sounds strange to me. What vehicle would he have used to vote?

Brian: I assume he–

Rosen: Is he out of town?

Brian: Yeah.

Rosen: So he didn’t show up at a polling place for an early vote?

Brian: I think he did.

Rosen: Oh.

Brian: I think he did. Like I said, I was just talking to him about the election. He said, ‘Oh I already voted.’

Rosen: And so where does he live, your son?

Brian: Ummm. He’s in Gunnison.

Rosen: So he’s in Colorado.

Brian: Yeah.

Rosen: Hmmm. What’s his voting precinct?

Brian: I have no idea.

Rosen: What’s his legal address?

Brian: Good–His legal address is here in Denver.

Rosen: Well how’s he voting in Gunnison?

Brian: I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Rosen: A lot of things we don’t know about this. But as a lesson, everybody else, don’t do this kind of stuff.

Brian: Ok. Public Service.

Rosen: Thanks for your call.

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