A sickness on Channel 12

Jon Caldara, who heads up the libertarian Independence Institute, carries a smirk on his face a lot of the time. So you’re not sure what to believe when he talks.

Such was the case, on his Channel 12 show, Devil’s Advocate (at 5:45), last month. when he made this comment about Colorado Sen. President John Morse:

Caldara: “And during this [gun debate], he [Morse] went on a tantrum and started saying, we gun owners have a sickness in our soul, we have a sickness in our soul. It was personal.”

A regular old sickness is enough. But in your soul. That’s bad.

But what Morse actually said at the Legislature was:

Morse: “Robert F. Kennedy said after Martin Luther King’s assassination that violence breeds violence. Repression breeds retaliation. And only a cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our souls.”

Does anyone besides Caldara think Morse was saying that gun owners have a sickness in their souls?

Morse, and Kennedy, were obviously referring to removing the sickness of violence from society.

If there’s any sickness here, you can find it in Caldara. The ailment is called “RecklessFactLessOsis.” It’s common among talk-show hosts, and it spreads ideologically. The best medicine is to read more and talk less.

I’ll update this blog post when Caldara responds to my request for a comment/clarification about his twistiness.

He should make an on-air correction.


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