Radio host shouldn’t get all giddy about a primary until Gerou decides whether to run

Last Tuesday, KLZ radio host Ken Clark had a conversation with Jonathan Keyser, who’s running for CO House District 25.

Clark acted as if Keyser will be challenging Rep. Cheri Gerou in a GOP primary, even though Gerou hasn’t filed to defend her HD25 seat.

Clark described Gerou this way:

Clark:  “And for those of you that don’t remember, Cheri Gerou is the gal that got into that – oh, I don’t know, she was the one that had some expletives to say at Joe Neville, who is a lobbyist for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  Her Principles of Liberty scores are just slightly better than the Democrats…  She was at the bottom of the barrel for Republicans.  She scored less than five points higher than the best Democrat.  Um, ya think that’s somebody screaming out to be primaried?  Yeah, I do.”

Later, Clark said of Gerou:

Clark: “She is the worst Democrat that has an ‘R’ next to her name, that we have in the state of Colorado.”

Keyser tried to correct Clark about the Gerou race, saying, “Right now I’m not challenging Representative Gerou.  She hasn’t filed.  You know, and so I don’t know what her intentions are.”

But Keyser couldn’t slow down the Grassroots Radio Colorado co-host:

Clark:  “All right.  Well, you’re running against Cheri ‘Stump the Chump’ Gerou, and those are her words, not mine.  Those are her words.  She called herself  ‘Stump the Chump’ Gerou, so I can only go off of what she says.”

One wonders if Clark had any inkling that Gerou might not face Keyser, whom Clark described as a fellow 2012 graduate of the conservative Leadership Program of the Rockies.

ColoradoPols speculated last week that Gerou might decide to “challenge former Sen. Tim Neville (father of RMGO’s lobbyist Joe) in a GOP primary for the chance to run in Senate District 16 against Sen. Jeanne Nicholson.” If so, Pols noted, the “clash between Gerou and Neville would be an acid test of the much-ballyhooed power of the RMGO in Republican primaries.”

If this happens, you think Clark would side with Gerou or Neville?

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