“The only reason she got elected, is because her kid got killed”

Here’s a gross excerpt of a conversation yesterday between KLZ radio hosts Jason Worley and Stacy Petty (subbing for Ken Clark) about Vicki Marble’s comments about the eating habits of blacks and Mexicans. (Start at 34:24 on the podcast.)

WORLEY:  Don’t get me wrong, in Republican circles, if I was sitting right next to Vicki, I would say, right now, “Hey, you grew up in West.  You grew up all out here in the West.  You didn’t live in the South.  I get it.  There is a – the minute you say, and if somebody’s from the South, the minute you say ‘Black’ and ‘chicken’, it’s just not a good idea.”

PETTY:  Mmm-hmm. 

WORLEY:  It’s not a good idea.  But there’s nothing –.  It’s in-artful, and yes, you’re opening the door for an opportunist like Rhonda Fields, because that’s what she is. 

PETTY:  Mmm-hmm.

WORLEY:  I mean, I’m sorry.  Am I the only one who said it?  The only reason she got elected, is because her kid got killed. [BigMedia emphasis]

PETTY:  Yeah.  I agree with you.

WORLEY I said it!  I said it!  Her son died.  She’s a victim.  Diane Primavera in Broomfield ran on a “I’m a cancer survivor”. 

PETTY:  Yeah.

WORLEY:  Good for you.  Move on with your damn life, and actually show that you can legislate some stuff.

PETTY:  Well, and everybody in their life, I mean, granted, those are horrible challenges to have, but everybody has a significant challenge in their life that they overcome at some point.  In general, it makes them a better, stronger person.  They’re there for other people.  They don’t use it as a coattail to ride their way to reside under the Gold Dome. 

 later at @37:35

PETTY:  [talking about Jimmy the Greeks comments about black athletes being better because their ancestors were bred in slavery for big thighs and big bodies]  That’s a racist comment but the thing that always troubled me, is that was actually true.   If you go back and you look at history, slaves were bred because they were considered non-human work animals.  I mean, that’s what they were, and so they were intentionally bred to be more muscular.  And if you look at the individuals in Africa, how they are right now, they don’t have the same muscular build that our African Americans do.  And it’s—

WORLEY:  And it’s some!  And it’s some!  It’s not – I know skinny African American and I know athletic black Americans.  I mean, –.

PETTY:  Yeah.  But that one always drove me crazy.  It was – was it inappropriate to say?  Absolutely.

WORLEY:  It was just dumb.

PETTY:  But, you know, he lost his job over it, and –

WORLEY:  Well, then, who — we were talking about this before.  There was the very racist comment.  We think it was Howard Cosell

PETTY:  Yeah [laughing]

WORLEY:  “Look at the little monkey run!”

PETTY:  Yeah.  Yeah. 

WORLEY:  I can’t do that in his voice. I’ll get accused of – ColoradoPols is just like typing this up right now so they have a whole thing on how Grassroots Radio Colorado is racist.  I – you know what?  It’s when things like this happen, when – oh, who’s the legislator who made the racist—who said this was racism?  I can’t think of her name

PETTY:  Oh, Rhonda Fields.

WORLEY:  Rhonda Fields! For some reason, I get –.

PETTY:  “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda.

WORLEY:  “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda!  Looks good in orange!  Oh my gosh! [facetiously] That’s racist!

PETTY:  And wait! Tell the listeners why she’s called “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda. 

WORLEY:  She was arrested.  – Why I call her “Rap-Sheet” Rhonda –it’s not a black thing, it’s an orange thing.  She was actually arrested for shoplifting, I believe.

PETTY:  Yes.

WORLEY:  Look, that’s what she is.  She has a criminal record and you geniuses elected her!

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