Radio host should have pointed out that Buck himself, not the “liberal media,” hurt him most in 2010

During an interview on KNUS’ Jimmy Sengenberger Show Sat., GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck explained what he learned from his 2010 loss to Democrat Michael Bennet.

Buck told Sengenberger that, this time around, he won’t let the “liberal media” and “liberal candidates” distract him from the “issues that voters care about.” Listen to Buck on KNUS Sengenberger Show 9.21.13.

Judging from what Buck has said previously about his failed 2010 campaign, he was undoubtedly thinking about his views on social issues, like abortion, which were widely viewed as his downfall last time around.

But the ironic part is, if you think back to 2010, the most damaging single utterance Buck made, caught on video at a conservative gun gathering, showed a shocking exuberance by Buck himself to talk about his opposition to abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest.

Sengenberger surely remembers Buck’s rape-and-incest comments, which were later used in TV ads, and he should have pointed out that there was no liberal media or liberal candidates present at the event, tricking Buck into going way beyond what was needed to answer a simple question about abortion.

It was all Buck. It was authentic. And the emotional intensity of his answer in this video, unprovoked by anyone, arguably cost him a Senate seat. How does this square with what Buck is saying now about how it was the liberal media that undermined him?

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