Woods will vote for Trump, if he is GOP nominee

On Facebook this week, Republican State Sen. Laura Woods signaled that she will vote for Donald Trump, if he is the GOP nominee.

Woods “liked” a Facebook post by The Conservative Update, which stated:

‘Like’ if you would vote for Donald Trump if he were the 2016 GOP nominee.

Woods’ name appears among over 500,000 others.

Woods has made no secret of her leanings toward Trump. She told KNUS 710-AM radio in January that Trump is one of her two favorite prez candidates (listen here at 25 min 50 sec), but she’s backing Ted Cruz.

Woods is the only elected official in Colorado who actively likes Trump, though three others have said they’ll support the reality-TV star if he wins the GOP nomination.

Woods has yet to explain why she likes Trump, but both Woods and Trump have taken extreme anti-choice and anti-immigrant positions.

Woods told KNUS that she  “narrowed the field” after October’s Republican debate in Boulder.

Control of Colorado state government likely rests on the outcome of the race between Woods and her Democratic challenger, Rachel Zenzinger. Republicans hold the senate chamber by a one-vote margin, and Woods won the seat over Zenzinger in 2014, which was a GOP wave year, by a slim 650 vote margin. To be sure, a few other state senate races may be close, but none has the potential to fall as easily toward Democrats as this one. And with it would end divided government in Colorado.

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