Dr. Chaps’ attack video leaves some Republicans laughing

Last week, Rep. Justin Everett posted a video in which  Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt attacks his SD-12 primary opponent, Rep. Bob Gardner. Dr. Chaps produced the video last year.

Everett wrote on Facebook: THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF GORDON KLINGENSCHMITT, but this is too funny not to share. Although I like Bob personally after serving with him for 2 years, Klingenschmitt goes a little EASY on Bob’s voting record and conservatism in this video. Enjoy!

Everett did not amplify on how Dr. Chaps went a “little EASY” on Gardner.

A couple of Everett’s colleagues joined in with comments on the video, which features Gardner doing the “Bob and Weave Dance.”

Rep. Patrick Nevelle: Too funny. I think even most Democrats would admit Gordon has a great sense of humor.

Sen. Steve Humphrey: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means….” That is funny stuff.

The video is funny and wierd, both, as you might expect. It shows off Dr. Chaps’ strange media skills.

Klingenschmitt in the video: My opponent for the race for State Senate District 12, Bob Gardner, has just started performing this Bob and Weave Dance to perfection! Here’s a quick example. If you’re following this Colorado Springs election, you know we’re both Republicans. And I’m actually conservative and Bob Gardner is a liberal who pretends to be a conservative.

Klingenschmitt provides undercover video of Gardner saying he supports the principles of liberty, but Chaps points to the Principle of Liberty website, which lists Gardner as receiving an F in 2013 2014.

“Don’t believe ratings systems that are odd, distorted,” Gardner says in Chaps’ video.


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