More of the Colorado Statesman’s content, but not all of it, is free

In a blog post last week, I reported that all of the Colorado Statesman‘s content is now available for free. It turns out that what’s been freed from paywall protection is the Capitol/legislative coverage–as well as the opinion content that was free previously.

The Hot Sheet, which is the political weekly’s daily political news digest, is also free. The Hot Sheet announced the paywall change this way:

“The Hot Sheet is now free to all readers!,” stated the Statesman’s Hot Sheet Jan. 13. “Tell your friends. But that’s not all, folks. No, no, no! All of The Colorado Statesman’s coverage and analysis of the Colorado Legislature’s 2017 session is also free to the public. Have fun!”

This means that non-legislative political stories, like the Statesman’s coverage of the Affordable Care Act, is alas still behind the paywall.

I’m sorry for the error.



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