Boyles calls reporters at his company’s radio stations “alleged newspeople”

There are plenty of reasons to dislike KHOW’s Peter Boyles, but you’ve got to admire the guts he has to smack down, however mindlessly, journalists who work for the same company he works for, Clear Channel.

KOA radio, which is one of the last radio stations in Denver that operates a news department with real reporters covering the events of the day, has an office on the same floor as Boyles’ KHOW and other Denver radio stations owned by Clear Channel.

This morning during the 5 a.m. hour, Boyles referred to news reporters at fellow Clear Channel stations in Denver, including KOA, as “alleged newspeople” because they don’t provide enough coverage of the birther folks, led by, ahh, Boyles, who believe Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Boyles said:

They won’t because, number one, political correctness, number two, they don’t want to be in the lead on this story. There’s a great fear factor amongst these people…I’m telling you, this is such a hot-button issue that, like I say, I work on a floor full of alleged newspeople. They don’t talk about this. I’ve been in debates, sitting there, and they go, it’s not an issue…I can give you the reasons why it is an issue. They can’t give you any reasons why it is not an issue. I think the reason is, I’ve been on this story three years, these guys have never even looked at it.

You rarely see media types in town attacking others who work at the same company. At The Denver Post, for example, you don’t find too many columnists criticizing reporters in The Post’s newsroom. Ditto at 9Newsk. The Post’s Susanne Green waited until she resigned to open fire on The Denver Post, and she did it in the Huffington Post.

I’d like The Post to criticize itself or other MediaNews newspapers more often, but you don’t see it much.

Of course, Boyles’ sweeping and snotty comment about KOA news reporters, calling them “alleged newspeople,” is lousy media criticism, because he’s basically condemning them as professionals simply because he disagrees about their coverage of one issue. So Boyles would be better to drop the insults. His equally nonsensical attacks against The Post, which are part of his staple routine, should also be dropped.

But he gets credit for not being scared to level his criticism at co-workers so close to him, in fact, across the hall.

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