Post, please, relieve my mind of McInnis puzzler

Now it’s been almost three months since Scott McInnis told The Denver Post he’d clear his name within a couple of months. And we’ve heard nothing.

I’m sorry to harp on this, but I’m desperate to find out how he’s going to do it. It’s a puzzle in my brain that I can’t shake, even though it doesn’t matter, I know. But how is he going to clear his name?

Will Rolly Fischer be involved? Ali Hasan? Craig Silverman? Dick Wadhams? David Lane? Dan Maes?

An upstanding newspaper like The Post shouldn’t drop puzzlers like this into their readers brains (like mine) and leave us dangling and awake at night thinking about it. (Pathetic, I know, but the editors over there might not realize the impact they have on people.)

Post biz columnist Penny Parker, who wrote about McInnis’ promise to get the truth out there, emailed me last month, in response to my questions, that she thought McInnis’ plan was very much a story, not ancient history. This was a big relief to me.

Then she wrote, “Not sure if that story will go to me or to the political reporters at this point.”

Let’s hope it goes somewhere, and fast. My mind is boggled, and I need to move on.

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