Kaminsky to host first major talk-radio show in Denver

Conservative blogger and talk-radio host Ross Kaminsky will be subbing for KOA’s Mike Rosen Friday.

This will be the first time he’s hosted a major ClearChannel show, though he’s gotten air time previously on KOA’s sleepy weekend schedule.

Kaminsky is a former Denver Post blogger, who currently hosts an obscure radio talk-radio show with the dumb name of “Backbone Radio,” which airs Sundays from 5 to 8 p.m. on KNUS, 710 AM and used to be hosted by John Andrews of Colorado State Senate fame.

KOA already has a long list of conservative talk show hosts. The station should consider letting a lefty sub for righty hosts like Rosen, when they go on cruises, like Rosen is doing. And Kaminsky could sub for Sirota. That would get people talking.

But Kaminsky is more thoughtful than some of his conservative talk-show ilk. I’m thinking, for example, of hosts like Michael Brown of Brownie fame.

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