Radio host says he’ll find out why Tipton now has confidence in Boehner after losing trust last week

On the Cari and Rob Show April 14, Rep. Scott Tipton said his trust in House Speaker John Boehner was damaged after last week’s federal budget agreement was negotiated, but Tipton added that he wanted to hear Boehner’s explanation for the deal he struck with Democrats to keep the government running until Sept. 30.

Apparently, Tipton got a satisfactory response from Boehner, because on Monday Tipton issued a clarification to The Hill’s blog, which posted an item about Tipton Monday. Tipton spokesman Joshua Green told The Hill:

“Congressman Tipton was disappointed in the dollar figure for the cuts to the FY2011 budget that was arrived at, and as such voted against it. He knows that Speaker Boehner got what he could at the time, but it wasn’t enough based on the input he was hearing from the people in the district. His comments are in reference to the amount of cuts to the 2011 budget and shouldn’t be read into as anything more. Congressman Tipton is confident in Speaker Boehner’s leadership and vision to cut spending, create jobs and get our country back on track.”

So what, please tell, did Boehner say to Tipton to elicit this “clarification,” which, incidentally, doesn’t say that Tipton actually trusts Boehner.

Fortunately we’ll find out, if you believe what Tipton said on the Cari and Rob Show Thursday, April 14.

Tipton told Douglas that Boehner needs to explain why he pledged to cut $100 billion from the federal budget and ultimately supported a bill that cut this year’s spending by $352 million. Tipton voted against the compromise.

“I’ll listen [to Boehner],” Tipton told Douglas. “And I’ll be happy to pass on to you what his explanation is because I can’t think of a defense.”

Douglas: Let us know when you get that explanation.

Tipton: I will.

Later on the show, Douglas said, “I gotta hand this to Scott Tipton. He has come on this program every time we asked him to come on.”

Douglas told me yesterday that he hasn’t talked with Tipton since he was on his show last week, but he hasn’t forgotten about Tipton’s promise to pass on Boehner’s explanation.

“I’m sure we’ll be getting him back on [the show] in the very near future,” Douglas told me, adding that “we continue to use him as a freshman canary in the coal mine.”

Judging from last week’s interview with Tiptop (See my blog post from Monday.), Douglas won’t settle for vague or evasive answers from Tipton about why the Congressman is suddenly “confident in Speaker Boehner’s leadership and vision to cut spending, create jobs and get our country back on track.”  I’m looking forward to Tipton’s next interview on the Cari and Rob Show.

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