Unlike Boyles, right-wing Christian radio host Enyart apologizes for being a birther

KHOW talk show host Peter Boyles, you recall, didn’t flinch when Obama released his birth certificate last month, saying he had no intention of backing away from the story.

Bob Enyart, who hosts “Bob Enyart Live,” weekdays on Colorado “Colorado’s Christian Station,” KLTT 670 AM, disagreed with those who said President Obama’s birth certificate was not valid, and he apologized to his audience for his “erroneous thinking.”

Conspiracy theorists should look to Enyart for guidance here. He saw evidence and changed course. How do you like that?

Then, in an admirable piece of self-reflection,  he looked deeper, and he reasons that the entire birther discussion was a distraction from the real issues.

I can’t agree with what he sees as the real issues, but he’s entitled to his view, which is, in part:

In the big picture, I regret that I did not stay more focused on the eternal moral issues, which of course include the fundamental issues of government that God will bring up on Judgment Day…. 

…[S]ince I cannot believe that God is going to care, neither about where Obama was born or any other leader who has advocated the killing of the innocent, therefore I am going to get beyond this distraction and focus more on what matters eternally! 

I think this means we won’t be hearing Enyart talk about birtherism anymore. But his Personhood-Amendment crusade? It doesn’t look like its going away, does it?

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