Birther talk-radio host fails to test depth of CO State Senator’s birther-related views

You’d think KHOW’s Peter Boyles, who’s probably the leading birther talk-show host in America, would at least stop and say ‘thank you’ when a State Senator tips his hat to Boyles’ relentless efforts to expose President Obama’s Social Security number as phony.

Boyles had his chance Tuesday, when State Sen. Greg Brophy told Boyles on air that media corporations “shut down” the debate about Obama’s Social Security number because such a debate might be “toooo disruptive” and cause the media companies to make less money.

Boyles @17:10: I don’t know if you’ve seen this, Come and Take It. It’s a wonderful video by this guy coming up Steve Vaus. He’s won some Grammy’s and he’s done this video. They can’t get anybody to let him buy time, including the company I work for, won’t let him buy time. So we put him up. We put him on the air… It’s interesting, as he’s pointed out, the big media corps, they are as afraid of the President, or in bed with these guys because they are looking for bailouts, so they don’t want any problems. But the same stations that would not take Vaus’ ad will take ads from the people with Gabby Giffords. Does that make any sense to you as an elected official?

Brophy: Of course it doesn’t. But I guess, on the one hand, they just want what’s good for business. They’re not ideological. That’s why they shut down all that talk about, that you worked so hard on, the President’s Social Security number. Exact same thing. Let’s not talk about the stuff that might be toooo disruptive because, ‘we all got to make some money here.’

If I’m Boyles, and I hear this from Brophy, I’m thinking, “Ah ha! I’ve got a fellow birther on the phone. And he’s a State Senator! I should ask some questions and test the depth of his birtherness.”

But Boyles, who ranks as Colorado’s number one birther, according to Denver Post Editorial Page Editor Curtis Hubbard, let it slide by, without asking Brophy if he thinks the origin of Obama’s SS number is a legitimate issue that truly deserves more media scrutiny.

So I did Boyles’ work for him and asked the amiable Brophy, a Republican from Wray, whether he thought Obama’s Social Security number is fake.

“Call Boyles and ask him,” he responded. “He did extensive work on it.”

Questioned further, Brophy wrote: “Peter makes a great case, and I have not heard a rebuttal. Do you have a good one.”

I referred Brophy to Snopes and media fact checkers.

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