Your blogger booted from the Mike Rosen Show after asking Magpul Exec how he feels about possibility that Magpul magazine used at Sandy Hook

KOA’s Mike Rosen had Duane Liptak, director of Magpul Dynamics, on the air this morning, and so I called in and asked Liptak how he’d feel if a Magpul 30-round magazine were used at the Sandy Hook massacre. I blogged about this topic today. Here’s how my converstation went:

Jason: You make the most popular 30-round magazine, I think, in the country.

Liptak: We are definitely an industry leader in the standard-capacity magazines in common use.

Jason: Right, so what that means, is there’s a significant likelihood that your magazine was used at Sandy Hook, right? And I’m wondering how you feel about that?

Rosen: What a stupid question!

Jason: It’s fair enough!

Rosen: Of course this is a flaming lefty, Jason Salzman.What a moron you are, Jason–

Rosen then hung up on me, ending the conversation. Rosen and Liptak, whose company says it will leave Colorado if the bill limiting the size of magazines becomes law, continued.

Rosen: …What a terrible innuendo.

Liptak: Absolutely.

Rosen: So he’s trying to relate you to Sandy Hook. This is the way the left operates. We’re having a rational discussion here, talking about some of the specifics, the elements, of the bill. And he wants to make that kind of contention. Shame  on you, Jason Salzman.

Liptak: Address the individual behavior and the criminal, not the instrument.

Again, my basic point is that it’s fine to say Magpul magazines are used by Seals, as The Denver Post has reported.

It’s also fair to discuss the possible use of Magpul magazines by mass killers, like the Sandy Hook murderer who used a 30-round magazine like Magpul makes.


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