Marble says you can eat your “Big Mac” but have “veggies on the side”

State Sen. Vicki Marble went on KLZ’s Grassroots Radio Colorado Friday to discuss the controversy over her comments about the eating habits of minorities.

Radio is a particularly good medium for someone to explain a botched public utterance, but the radio hosts put zero effort into eliciting a meaningful explanation from Marble.

Marble focused on good health and nutrition for everyone, not just blacks and other minorities. She said you can have your “Big Mac,” but have some “veggies on the side.”

Here’s part of what she had to say:

Co-host Ken Clark: What do you make of all the controversy?

Marble: Well first, good afternoon everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here. And the controversy, I am excited. We are getting this dialogue going. I mean, just let it run because we are coming out with the real medical research that will show that yes—but you know, I don’t care about who says what. And I want no apologies. I just want people to have the chance to get the education on their genetic predispositions to certain diseases, and if they choose to change their diet in order to keep their quality of life, then great! And if not, it’s their choice. But at least they have the information out there that will help them make an informed decision.

Clark: …It doesn’t matter how rich you are…

Marble: You’ll lose your job. And if it is cancer or heart disease, it’s very possible that your medical costs will drain, very quickly, your assets, your life savings, and you may even lose your home. And you could be poverty-bound forever, because it is very hard to get out of the poverty level once you’re in it. And if you have a life-threatening issue like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, you are, I guess, you are chained to it. You are a prisoner to your own health. And if you have a predisposition in your family, you should know about it. You should at least have the information and eat accordingly. And we always see these advertisements on TV and sound bites on the radio about our health, and eat healthy. That’s what we’re talking about. At least, know what you’re up against. Know what some of those quiet shadows in your health history may be, and live accordingly, if you choose. I’m not up for legislating anything about eating. It’s just getting the information out there. ..

Clark: …Where does this go from here? … Let’s quit screaming racist. Let’s have the conversation.

Marble: It’s true. Quality of life is not a racist issue. It’s a life issue for all of us. And we all intend, and we all want, for each and every American, and I wish it could be every person on this Earth. But for every person, quality of life gives you economic opportunity. And if you lose that quality of life through a life-threatening disease, it’s over. You are poverty-bound. And that’s what I really want to address. If you can delay those life threatening diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, you name it. If you can delay that just, by eating a little different, you can still have your–

Clark: Big Mac.

Marble: Big Mac.

Clark: You can have your Big Mac. You can have your Big Gulp.

Marble: [laughing] You can have all that in moderation, but eat a couple fruits and veggies on the side, and just be aware. But it’s your choice.

Clark: Let’s face it. There are very few people on the planet who have the genetic disposition who can eat whatever they want without consequence…

Marble: And you know what, they call that, they got good genes. …

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