Talk-show host should have asked Rivera if he’s noticed that multiple issues are discussed in the state legislature

You have to wonder what’s up with Republican George Rivera, who’s running to replace Sen. Angela Giron in a recall election, when he dismisses his unapologetic support for the personhood amendment by saying,

Rivera:  “You know, the thing is, is this election is about one thing and one thing only”

That’s what Rivera told KZNT talk-show host Derrick Wilburn Saturday.

Wilburn should have asked Rivera if he’s ever noticed that guns aren’t the only topic discussed down at the Capitol. Actually, it’s next to impossible to keep track of all the different issues, including abortion issues.

Voters should know that, based on his opposition to abortion, even for rape, Rivera would have supported the five bills introduced last session that restricted access to abortion services in Colorado or banned it outright. (See Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado‘s legislative scorecard for details.)

Obviously these bills weren’t going anywhere in Colorado now, with pro-choice Democrats in control, but things could easily change. If so, Colorado could pass legislation similar to what’s become law in states across the country, restricting a women’s right to obtain an abortion. (See the Guttmacher Institute’s chart for details.)

It’s silly for Rivera to say that the election of any state senator is about one issue. That’s not how representative government works.

Wilburn knows this, and he almost certainly saw, at least, that Texas passed one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws just this year. So, he should have asked Rivera what he was thinking.

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