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Reporters should keep an eye on CO Springs elections chief Williams in the wake of his attack on candidate Morse

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

In the wake of El Paso Country Clerk Wayne Williams’ criticism last week of State Sen. John Morse, reporters should gain assurances from Williams that he’ll run a fair recall election in Colorado Springs.

On KFKA radio Aug. 29, Williams said it was “ironic given Bloomberg’s contributions yesterday” that Morse, in his official recall statement, urged voters to reject “out-of-state billionaire and extremists who are wasting $150,000 of our tax money” on the recall election.

It’s a surprising to hear Williams toss out partisan criticism because county clerks have a tradition of not taking sides in elections they’re running. It looks bad.

Williams is a well-known Republican, but it still looks bad.

And it should have raised the eyebrow of KFKA’s Devon Lentz, who was interviewing Williams on her and Tom Lucero’s AM Colorado morning show.

Lentz should have asked Williams point-blank: “Wayne, we may be friendly, but I have to ask if you think it’s appropriate for you to be attacking Sen. Morse, given that you’re in charge of the election? So I’m wondering, why voters should trust you to run a fair election.”

It’s a question Colorado Springs reporters might pick up and run with, as well. And at a minimum, reporters should keep an eye on Williams and see if they detect any signs of favoritism toward Republican challenger Bernie Herpin.

Lentz: Wayne, do you by any chance have senator Morse’s response to the recall that you can share with us?  I haven’t seen that.

Williams: Sure! I’ve got it right here, cuz it’s part of the ballot and I’ve got the sample ballot up in front of me….So, John Morse [preparing to read response from ballot] It’s kind of ironic. ‘Vote ‘no’ on the out-of-state billionaires and extremists who are wasting $150,000 of our tax money—’ I say ‘ironic’ given Bloomberg’s contributions yesterday—”and spending millions on a negative campaign to recall your twice-elected senator John Morse… [BigMedia emphasis]

Listen to Wayne Williams attacks Morse on AM Colorado 8.29.13 @4:30.