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Reporters should investigate Beauprez’s complete denial of Both-Ways-Bob accusation

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Last month, The Denver Post ran a strange quote from GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez:

“I’ve never been accused of switching positions on a vote or an issue. But that happens in politics.”

I wondered about the wisdom of running such a quote, given that it was almost certainly a slip of the tongue by Beauprez, who’s been called Both Ways Bob countless times by Democrats and Republicans alike.

But then last week, on KOA’s Mike Rosen show, Beauprez repeated essentially the same thing. Rosen asked Beauprez how he’d respond to the Both-Ways-Bob moniker, and here’s how he replied:

Beauprez: Well, you know, Mike, one thing that the record is actually pretty clear about is that I’ve never been called unprincipled, or wavering, or with a flimsy spine. Quite the opposite. I think most people understand that I know who I am.

Listen to Beauprez deny Both Ways Bob accusation–on KOA radio 06-26-2014

You have to be thick-skinned to survive in politics but to completely deny the existence of a common accusation against you is so weird that it merits further investigation by reporters.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange between Rosen and Beauprez:

Rosen: In an earlier race…during the campaign for the Republican nomination, Marc Holtzman, or his campaign geniuses had crafted the slogan ‘Both Ways Bob”  and in so doing, they were trying to paint you as somebody who had flip flopped on some issues. I hate that kind of tactic in any kind of Republican primary because it can come back to haunt us. Well, guess what? Some progressive sites right now, and progressive is the fashionable word for radically left wing, even to the left of liberals, are using Both Ways Bob to attack you in this campaign against Gov. Hickenlooper. How are you going to answer that?

Beauprez: Well, Mike, one thing that the record is pretty clear about is that I’ve never been called unprincipled, or wavering, or with a flimsy spine. Quite the opposite. I think most people understand that I know who I am.

Listen to Beauprez deny Both Ways Bob accusation–on KOA radio 06-26-2014


Radio host should have asked Beauprez to say whether he’d reject federal Medicaid funds

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez doubled down on his total and complete opposition to Obamacare last week, saying the law’s core plan to expand healthcare coverage under Medicaid is a path to “ruin.”

But on KOA’s Mike Rosen Show June 26, Beauprez didn’t answer a caller’s question about whether he’d turn down federal Medicaid funding, a move that could deprive over 150,000 Coloradans of health-care coverage.

During the initial years of Obamacare, the federal government is picking up most or all of the costs of expanding Medicaid to cover the uninsured, and state economists say Colorado will likely not bear additional costs as federal funds recede.

Beauprez’s radio outrage at Obamacare’s  Medicaid expansion, makes me think he’d reject the federal funds if he were elected, as other Republican governors have done. Earlier this year, you recall, on KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show, he promised to “repeal” and “replace” Obmacare, adding, “What we can do, and what I look forward to doing, is everything within a governor’s power and the state’s power to push back, especially on this Medicaid bomb that is coming our way.”

“The Medicaid expansion as part of the Obamacare mandate is going to bury the states.” Beauprez told a caller on Rosen’s show last week, who said he had health insurance thanks to Medicaid expansion. “It may personally benefit you, but that’s part of the challenge in front of this country, is that the cost of the Medicaid expansion is absolutely unsustainable. I wish we had 45 minutes to explain it, but trust me, this is a path to nowhere – to ruin. I guess it is a path to somewhere – to financial ruin.”

Rosen didn’t ask Beauprez to answer the caller’s blunt question (“Would you turn down the Medicaid dollars?”), but Rosen couldn’t resist doing some Medicaid bashing of his own.

“I’d throw this in, too,” Rosen said on air, following up on Beauprez’s statement above. “If you’re also concerned about the general interest, and not just with benefits, keep in mind, that this Medicaid expansion is bait. That is, states that sign up for this will get some money at the front end, but then that money disappears and the states have to come up with those massive expenditures to cover those promises.”

“That’s the fiscal ruin I was talking about, Mike,” Beauprez told Rosen. “It’s simply unsustainable and they know it! It was the prototypical bait and switch.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know what Beauprez would do about it. Would he reject the federal funding? Would he chip away at it? What’s his plan?

And, FYI, here’s the original question put to Beauprez on Rosen’s show.

Caller Chris: How’s it going, Bob and Mike. I would consider myself to be, I guess, a moderate Democrat. Right now, you know, I’m a 24 years old, and under Obamacare Medicaid expansion, the Medicaid program has been able to extend to me, a young male. As governor, are you going to follow in the footsteps of, you know, like Rick Snod and Rick Snyder and all these guys that are turning down, you know, these Medicaid expansions? Because I’ve got to tell you, I mean, Medicaid is not for people that are, you know, sitting on their bums all day. You know? I work full time. Um, my wages, we just don’t — they don’t provide healthcare for me. And it has become a real help for me and a lot of Colorado residents. Would you turn down the Medicaid dollars?

Insights into Terry Maketa’s situation thanks to KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The response to El Paso Sheriff Terry Maketa’s troubles shows off talk-radio’s ability to surprise and entertain.

Here are some thoughts on Maketa’s situation aired on just one show, KVOR’s (CO Springs) Jeff Crank show on May 31, shortly after the photo of the shirtless Sheriff surfaced along with allegations of sexual misconduct.

In the first clip, Crank, a former Republican congressional candidate, says, “We can’t be hypocrites” about the impropriety alleged of Maketa, who was considered a star on the Republican bench. Crank reminds callers what they thought about Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky allegations, and calls for consistency.

Below, caller Karen (staunch Republican) used to support Maketa as a future CO governor. But she’s offended by previous caller Steve, and by Maketa’s betrayal of trust, and doesn’t believe that Maketa can lead effectively. Karen believes that the Sheriff’s office was bullying Deputy Porter in its investigation of Sheriff Maketa’s action.

Below, the term limits fight from El Paso County’s past spills over into the Maketa scandal. Maketa is in his third term. Crank has been a personal friend of Terry Maketa for years, but one time Maketa was angry with Crank and made it personal. For Maketa, it’s about making money, he says.

Below, caller Ron can’t believe the stupidity, confusion, and ignorance of voters around changing the term limits in El Paso County. On Maketa, Ron jokes “at least he’s a heterosexual” and believes that Maketa should get a pass on this scandal because of his stand on 2nd Amendment rights, and besides, the mores and norm have shifted since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. He says the rules have changed and Democrats are beating the Republicans in the new game.

Below, Undersheriff Terry Goodall, who’s pushing the Maketa recall effort, talks about Maketa’s transformation over the past several years, and estimates support for the sheriff at 1% from within the Sheriff’s office.

Below, Undersheriffs talk about holding Sheriff Terry Maketa accountable for his misbehavior in the Sheriff’s office. Terry and Larry both reject their former friendship with Terry Maketa.

Ted Haggard, the was forced out of New Life Church in CO after a drug and sex scandal, told a TV news show that he doesn’t think Terry Maketa should resign, because he’d be surrendering his here-to-fore spotless legacy. In this final clip, Jeff Crank disagrees. He worries about the political liabilities and financial implications for taxpayers.

Conservative talk-radio host wants to “block the vote”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Talk-radio hosts like to think of themselves as a voice of the people, because anyone can call in (and get slapped around, if you’re on the wrong show). But there’s some truth to the notion that talk radio can give average people a platform.

So you hate to see a guy like KNUS’ Peter Boyles undermine Democracy by encouraging voter fraud, like he did last year on air.

And then there’s KHOW 630-AM’s Mandy Connell, who wants to “block the vote” instead of “rock the vote.”

“Maybe we could tell the dumb people that the election has been moved to a different day,” she said earlier this year.

Here’s what Connell had to say, contrasted with a vision of voter participation from a different speaker, whom you’ll like much more.




On radio, Beauprez slams RMGO’s Dudley Brown

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Super PAC has launched a radio ad calling GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez “Both Ways Bob” for voting both ways on gun legislation.

On her morning show this morning, KHOW’s Mandy Connell was apparently the first media figure to question Beauprez about the ad’s allegation that he supported Amendment 22, which required background checks at gun shows, Beauprez said:

Beauprez: 12:20: “Mandy, this attack from [RMGO President] Dudley [Brown] is far too familiar. And let me emphasize Dudley… Dudley is in it for Dudley. What’s going on right now is Dudley is sending out an ad attacking me. This is Saul-Alinsky-like. You gotta have an enemy in a political fight. Dudley likes to name me as the enemy. He’ll throw in a little bit of money. And I’ll emphasize a little bit, because this is not a very big ad buy. He’ll throw a little bit of money at me, and then he’ll wave it as a red flag to his members and say, ‘Hey look! I went and got the bad guy, and send me your dough.” Dudley will get a big net profit out of this, as he always does off of the kinds of projects he does. It’s all about Dudley and lining his pocket.”

Beauprez went on to acknowledge his support of Amendment 22, “in the post-Columbine era,” but said his endorsements and subsequent actions show he is  pro-gun through and through.

Connell also asked Beauprez about about RMGO’s allegation that Beauprez “voted for mandatory trigger locks and a ban on traditional ammunition in Congress.”

Beauprez: “That is a brand new call to me. I can’t deny that because I don’t know what piece of legislation something might have been wrapped into that was rotten legislation to begin with.”

Connell’s questions were direct and substantive, covering not only guns but pot, immigration, and other topics.

Talk radio does us a service by offering candidates a comfortable place to talk about religion

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

A candidate’s religious or godless beliefs are too often ignored by the dwindling press, so we should be grateful to the radio hosts on KLZ AM-560 for giving candidates the chance to talk openly about how religion guides their lives and decisions.

I mean, it’s a public service to know that State Senate candidate Laura Woods, who’s running for the seat currently occupied by Democrat Rachel Zenzinger,  will look narrowly to the Constitution and the Bible to guide her if she’s elected. And that God directs Woods in a “real sense.”

Conservative talk radio is apparently seen by candidates as a safe and comfortable place to talk openly about God, and it’s a public service for all of us to hear the religious discussions that bless the airwaves there.

I previously reported on gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo’s belief, as stated on talk radio, that God has a plan for him. Woods offered her thoughts on the topic on two recent shows.

On his nooner show on KLZ 560-AM, called “Freedom 560,” Ken Clark had this discussion with Woods on June 4:

Clark: Yeah. So, let’s talk about your candidacy. What is the platform that you’re running on?

Woods: I’m running on a liberty platform. That’s who I am. I believe in the Constitution, the
Bill of Rights, the declaration of independence. And I will stand with those documents every day I’m in office. The Constitution and the Bible will be the two books that I use to govern me in doing that job. So that’s Constitutional conservative, smaller government, lower taxes, conservative.

Listen to Woods on KLZ’s Freedom 560 with Ken Clark 6.4.14

Two days before talking to Clark, in a conversation with righty Randy Corporon on KLZ’s morning show, Woods (who formerly called herself Laura Waters) revealed more about how religion affects her political life:

Corporon: So, let’s talk about you and why you threw your hat into this ring.

Woods: Well, thank you. I decided to get into this race in December, because I sat down with my primary opponent [Lang Sias] for lunch. And I didn’t feel like he was conservative enough to represent this district and to fight for this seat that we had just opened up. Plus, also, when I asked him the question, “Do you want to be our Senator?”, I couldn’t get a straight answer to that question. So, we left that meeting – my husband and I–not really clear if he wanted the job. It’s December. County assemblies are in March. We just started praying about, you know, somebody has got to be in this seat. And I had had people suggest to me it should be me. It was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. But, as we were looking for closed doors, doors kept opening and it just became clear that I wasn’t stepping out to do this on my own. This was God directing me to do it in a real sense. And so I got into the race in early January. And then my primary opponent got into the race after I did — about ten days, two weeks after I did.

Corporon: Oh, very, very interesting. So, when he realized that there was going to be competition, somehow, he decided to step up and jump in.

Listen to Woods on KLZ Wake Up with Randy Corporon! show 6.2.14

I’ve got nothing against anyone who turns to religion or God to guide their lives. And I’ve got nothing against people who turn to godless reason. But regardless, media figures like the hosts at KLZ are doing us a favor when they provide a platform for discussion of how candidates make decisions. Voters should know.

After Cantor’s fall, who’s the tea-partiest of them all? Talk radio tries to find the answer

Friday, June 13th, 2014

After House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s crash, you naturally wonder which Republicans in Colorado’s gubernatorial primary are out-of-the-closet tea partiers. Arguably, they’re all closeted tea party types, at a minimum, but who lets his tea-party flag fly?

Colorado’s gubernatorial race has been spotlighted nationally as the next big test of tea-party strength, post Eric Cantor. So Republican voters may want to know which of the leading candidates self-identify as tea party.

Local talk-radio hosts have been out in front on this story.

In the past, despite his tea-party record, Bob Beauprez has ducked the question in different ways. In one instance, on KOA’s Mike Rosen show, he said:

Caller Doug: My question for Rep Beauprez: Is he more aligned with the traditional Republican Party or more aligned with the tea p?

Beauprez: I’m more aligned with, some people would call them, conservative values, traditional values. I think both of the groups that you highlight, in general, adhere to the same.

On the other hand, Tom Tancredo told KNUS’ Steve Kelley Wednesday:

Tancredo: I love the tea party. I believe they have been a very healthy force inside this body politic, especially for Republicans. I believe it has helped move the party to the right, although it’s been done begrudgingly on the part the party itself. A lot of people resent it and resist it. No, I think they’ve been helpful.

Listen to Tancredo discusses the tea party on KNUS Kelley and Company 06-11-14

Will talk radio boost Tancredo as it did Cantor’s tea-party opponent?

Friday, June 13th, 2014

I’ve been too busy listening to talk radio to notice news reports that talk radio anchored the defeat of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Politico reported Wednesday:

Brat’s surprise victory is a powerful reminder, as if any were needed, of the immense influence talk radio has over conservative politics — it was not only [Laura Ingraham] boosting [Cantor slayer David Brat] but also Glenn Beck and Mark Levin bringing their considerable influence with the right to bear as well. Since well before the rise of the tea party, establishment Republicans have feared the medium’s command over the conservative base.

National talk-radio hosts not only endorsed Brat, but had him on their radio shows, broadcast in Virginia, numerous times leading up to his primary victory, according to Politico.

Will these national yappers now take aim at Colorado, possibly boosting Tom Tancredo over his more establishment rivals? So far I haven’t seen Laura Ingraham, broadcast locally on KLZ 560-AM, or Mark Levin, on KNUS 710-AM, getting involved in our gubernatorial primary, and I have no idea of their GOP audience compares to Virginia’s. Closest thing was Michelle Malkin’s battle-cry tweet after Cantor’s loss, saying Colorado is next.

But if anyone hears anything about Tanc from Ingraham, Levin, et al. please let me know.

In Virginia, it looks like Ingraham in particular took a high profile stance for Brat, as reported by Politico.

“She wasn’t just a talk radio host who simply used her program to promote Brat. She took it to another level,” said Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and senior White House correspondent. “I think she does deserve credit in giving credibility to Brat.”

Of the local radio hosts, KNUS’ Peter Boyles is certainly doing his best for his buddy Tancredo, but god knows if Boyles does anything in the real world but excite electrons.

Colorado Springs talker Jimmy Lakey, who was once a Republican congressional candidate for CD 7 and doubles as Tancredo’s press secretary, posted his ballot on his Facebook page, with “Tancredo” bubble filled in. See below.

So maybe a groundswell of hot air will lift Tancredo over the top?

This post was updated to reflect that fact that KVOR’s Jimmy Lakey is also Tancredo’s press secretary.

Still waiting for an article quoting Beauprez on why he flipped on the individual mandate

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

The primary season has illuminated some big flipping and flopping by Republican candidates, leaving lingering questions in the minds of the three people following this stuff.

One of the strangest unanswered questions is: Why did gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez first support and then oppose the “individual mandate,” which is, of course, the key provision of Romneycare and Obamacare? It requires everyone to get health insurance.

The issue came up in April on KVOR’s Jeff Crank show. Crank is an anti-Obamacare freak, so even if he knew about Beauprez’s flip, you wouldn’t expect Crank to tell his listeners that Beauprez was once a fan of the foundation of Obamacare:

BEAUPREZ: To Obamacare, specifically, Jeff, count me in the camp that says we still need to repeal it and replace it. But I’m also realistic enough to know that that’s not likely to happen, even if we do take over control of the United States Senate, we’ll still have Barack Obama there and I doubt he’s inclined to repeal the whole bill – to sign off on that. So, we’re probably a couple years away with a new president before we can get it done. What we can do, and what I look forward to doing, is everything within a governor’s power and the state’s power to push back, especially on this Medicaid bomb that is coming our way. We are going to have to stand firm on that because it is going to break the states. We’ll be going down the path of the Californias and the city of Detroit if we’re not careful and get our arms around this. I think the real push can come from a collaboration of governors. And I look forward to working with many of them that I already know out here: Butch Otter, I served with—he’s in Idaho; Gary Herbert in Utah; Matt Meade, a great guy in Wyoming; Susana Martinez; Mary Fallon, and on and on. Bobby Jindal’s been an absolute champion, just out with his own new healthcare plan that talks about a real healthcare reform—what it would look like. And not surprisingly, he expands on free-market principles: HSAs, more consumer choice, putting decisions in the hands of consumers, not just pushing tens of millions of people on to traditional Medicaid, as he puts it.

Even if the GOP fire against Obamacare is dying, you’d think reporters would do Republican voters a favor and seek an explanation from Beauprez on how he went from point a) praising Romneycare and saying a mandate buy health insurance is like a law requiring you to buy auto insurance to point b) denouncing Obamacare, saying we need “more consumer choice,” and essentially leaving the poor to scrap for healthcare. What’s the evolution of Beauprez’s thinking here?

If this isn’t information that a Republican primary voter would want to hear in 2014, what is?

Talk-radio host’s hate rant on Michael Sam

Friday, May 9th, 2014

With apologies to the film Steel Magnolias, starring Shirley MacClaine and Olympia Dukakis, here’s a rant by a Colorado Springs’ talk-radio host against Michael Sam, the first openly gay man to (hopefully) be drafted into the National Football League.

The audio of the rant, by KVOR’s Richard Randall, is overlaid on a segment of the 1989 movie.

WARNING: This video clip shows bare asses in a locker room, which are a big problem for Randall.