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[00:00:03] Lie from the I Heart Studios in the Mile High City. You have a mike. You’re on the air. Good. Go ahead. It is my high honor to introduce to you. This is the Dan Coppola Show. 

[00:00:14] You better believe it. You better believe that. Our next guest is, without question, the most effective first term U.S. senator. I believe in American history, certainly modern American history. That is Colorado’s Cory Gardner. Senator, welcome back to the Deyn Coppola’s show. Hey, Dan, thanks for having me. 

[00:00:31] Well, I appreciate the time. Obviously, you’ve got a lot going on right now, but I wanted to talk to you about a number of things. I want to start with the 988 National Suicide Hotline, which is one one of the few things being praised on both sides of the aisle these days. But let folks know about it. And and why, though? I think it’s obvious. It’s so important. 

[00:00:51] Well, thank you, the 90 day bill is a piece of legislation that’s going to change our 10 digit hotlines that people call for help when they are contemplating suicide or just need somebody to talk to. Right now, you could have multiple 10 digit phone numbers across the various states. They could be different in every state. We change it to a three digit national hotline. Nine, eight, eight. That will take effect. That’s not in effect yet, but it’ll take effect when the FCC gets it up and running, I believe on that in 2022. And, you know, this is going to save lives in Colorado. We lose somebody to death by suicide every seven hours. And this legislation is going to make it easy to remember it’s going to allow more people to call specialized care for veterans. If you’re veterans are going to press one, you’ll be directed to somebody and special who understands the needs of veterans and what a veteran has maybe gone through. And it also, you know, the historical nature of it, believe it or not, is the first bill in the history of our country to have LGBTQ infused, inclusive language to pass unanimously out of the House and the Senate. 

[00:01:59] Well, great job. And obviously, this isn’t the first time you’ve accomplished something bipartisan like this. And we’ve talked about that before. And it and I want to follow up on that a bit later in the segment. But but at the same time, obviously today with it coming out of Judiciary Amy CONI Bear. So to talk to folks about that where we’re at in the process and how significant it is. 

[00:02:20] Absolutely. I mean, you’ve got to this incredible jurist, Amy CONI Barrett, who I think has impressed people across the United States. The majority of Americans believe she should be. She should be confirmed. And not just confirmed at some point, but confirmed now. And she came out of the Judiciary Committee without a single vote in opposition to her. In large part, that’s because the Democrat on the committee decided to boycott the committee. They wouldn’t even give her the vote against her in committee. They just didn’t even show up. And so she is going to be on the floor of the United States Senate beginning this weekend, that the debate will be wrapped up sometime Monday or Tuesday with her confirmation. 

[00:03:03] I’ve got to tell you, I mean, it must make you feel good to see the latest polling on that where Americans went from not so sure to strong support. Very quickly. And how could they not? You know, after you see this this person in action. But that had to make you feel good. Plus, I mean, this is historic, right? And it is the right thing to do. And it matters. I mean, this thing is going to matter for a long time to come. 

[00:03:26] It absolutely matters. Think about the length of time that Justice Ginsburg honorably served on the court for decades. This seat will be served honorably as well by Amy Connie Berrett for decades to come. And somebody who I know because I spoke to her has ruled it is sometimes at odds with her personal opinion because that’s what the law demanded. 

[00:03:50] And so when you ask what makes a good judge, what makes a good judge is somebody who will follow the law, not their own personal preferences. And that’s exactly what she’s proven she will do. 

[00:03:59] Yeah. What was she like in person? 

[00:04:02] Incredibly smart, incredibly smart, incredibly kind. And just the demeanor that was very just is somebody that if you were before a court and you had a issue of your lifetime before them, that’s what it would be if it made it all the way to the Supreme Court. As somebody who is very calming, somebody who is very smart, somebody who you knew respected your opinion, even if they ultimately wouldn’t rule in a direction that you had hoped because she is taking it seriously and she is listening and understanding of the law. 

[00:04:35] And what does it say about what’s going on back there that Senator Dianne Feinstein, you know, is now being vilified by the left? This the Dianne Feinstein who had attacked Amy coni Barrett’s Catholicism is being vilified by the left for being too friendly during the hearings. I mean, what is it like back there right now? I mean, we know it’s polarized, but it sounds toxic. 

[00:04:59] Well, look, it’s pretty incredible when you have a colleague who says these are very good hearings. Well done. Thank you. And then is basically chastised for a expression or symbol of working with their colleague and a hug after the hearing. It’s pretty incredible that they would try to basically burn, burn her down and try to exercise her from the committee in her leadership role. But I think that’s that there’s no room, it seems, for disagreement, especially on judges that a Republican president nominates. I mean, you’ve seen the same thing under Bork and Alito Cavanaugh. You’ve seen it now with with Gorsuch. And you’ve seen it with now Amy CONI Barratt’s that there’s justice, intolerance for a judge that that they think is going to rule based on the law and not be a super legislator. 

[00:05:54] Well, and everybody hugs Lindsey Graham, right? I mean, it’s irresistible. He’s just pluggable right out here. Not for the record. 

[00:06:01] I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lindsey Graham. No. 

[00:06:03] You know, I have never said that’s true. I did not see that happen. But Senator Cory Gardner, obviously our guest. And listen, on a good day when John Hickenlooper speaks its word salad. But when I heard him asked about, you know, court packing, you know, sounds came out of his mouth, but I’m not even sure they were English. I mean, what’s going on with Hickenlooper and enlarging the U.S. Supreme Court, essentially blowing up the court? 

[00:06:29] Well, it’s obviously it’s obvious to me that Hickenlooper is supportive of adding seats to the Supreme Court. It’s the veiled threat that he’s issued in the last couple of days. It’s his or is refusal to denounce adding additional seats to the court. And look, he’s tried to redefine what court packing means. We know the court packing means adding new seats to the court until you get enough judges to rule the way you want them to. So in the case of the Supreme Court, it’s adding a 10th or 11th or 12 or 13. To judge justice to the bench. That’s exactly what he wants to do. He won’t deny. He won’t say no to it. And you’ve got Joe Biden now creating some kind of a I don’t know of a blue ribbon commission on whether or not we should have additional seats because he won’t say no to it. And my guess is they will all say yes to it. But that’s it’s wrong. It’s bad. Justice Ginsburg herself said it was wrong. It was bad for this country. And we need people who are honest about it. 

[00:07:24] Well, in the words of Nancy Reagan, just say no. I mean, it’s it’s easy for Biden. It’s easy to Hickenlooper to just say no. And among your many other contributions, Senator Sand, thank you and God for this. You have finally put to bed court packing. Ninety nine percent of Americans paying attention don’t know what court packing is. So thank you for saying adding seats to the Supreme Court, because when people hear that, they go blank. No. Who would do that? I mean, because at that point, you’re a banana republic. 

[00:07:53] That’s right. That’s exactly right. It’s overwhelming. And because it would a result of this escalatory, you do it. They do it. You do it. They do it. And it’s been this way for over 150 years. That’s why at the debate a couple of weeks ago, when I was asked, would you support court packing? My answer is no, absolutely not. I don’t care who’s in charge, what presidents in the White House, what majorities in control of the Senate. The answer is no. And that ought to be pretty simple for John Hickenlooper to say. But he won’t because he supports it. He believes that he will use the court for political purposes. And I think then what you saw during the judicial committee hearings, you saw a side of the Senate, the Democrat minority, that believes judges are to make the law. Right. Judges. Right. The law that judges establish, you know, policy, they don’t. That’s not what a judge is supposed to do. 

[00:08:43] Right. But the left knows it can never convince a majority of people to back the laws they want. So the only way they can get it is is through judicial activism. So. But but, boy, I think across party lines, could people do not want to blow up these institutions that have made us the greatest nation in the history of the world? And in fact, Hickenlooper can’t just say no. Boy, I hope everybody realizes that. The other thing center is I hope everybody realizes this is a guy who opposed Neil Gorsuch. I mean, opposed Colorado, Neal Boortz, which for the U.S. Supreme Court. But I think that tells you everything about Hickenlooper. 

[00:09:17] Well, he’s is opposed, Neil Gorsuch. He has said he has not said that he would defend the Bureau of Land Management if Joe Biden gets elected and tries to move it back to Washington, D.C. He’s refused to take a position on that. You know, obviously, he’s refused to high. He’s refused to disclose the 91 other ethics charges that were brought up against him, but weren’t heard because they were were, you know, statute of limitations didn’t allow them to be brought up. There’s a lot of things that haven’t been answered and quite frankly, a lot of things that the media has not asked that should be asked. 

[00:09:51] Oh, man. I mean, the cover job that’s been done for Hickenlooper. Take us inside, if you don’t mind. Obviously, you have one each of these debates by a mile. But and I think any objective observer would say the thing, not just people like me who who support you, but what has he been like? I mean, on a personal level, what have these debates been like? Do you guys talk during breaks? Mm hmm. Everybody saw that death, you know, stink eye. Look, he gave you after you, you know, pinned him down on one of many issues. But what’s it been like in. 

[00:10:23] Well, look, I tried to be friendly with with Governor Hickenlooper, and he certainly tries to be friendly back. And so I think that there’s just a significant difference between the two of us. And I hope that people who haven’t made up their mind in this race will take a chance, take the opportunity to watch one of the debates, whether it’s the public chieftain and Telemundo, ABC seven or Channel nine. Watch one of these debates and see the difference and listen to the ideas of John Hickenlooper as TV commercials attacking me over a piece of legislation that he supports. 

[00:10:58] When I asked him what was in the bill, the car, I saw the hill, he couldn’t even answer. He didn’t even know the legislation that he supports. 

[00:11:05] And if I’m remembering. Right. Didn’t he get rescued maybe by a moderator or a commercial break? But I just remember you had him. I mean, he was going down for the count. He clearly did not. What’s in the bill? 

[00:11:17] And yeah, but again, these are all things simply that people could ask him about if they would take the chance. 

[00:11:24] Well, and obviously they’re very worried about your environmental accomplishments, because every time I turn on the TV now, there’s a spot claiming that, you know, you don’t support the environment and all this and that when, you know, the great American Outdoors Act is not a mirage. It’s not somebodies dream. It is real. And it’s real because of you. So I think that has some pretty freaked.

[00:11:45] It does under our leadership. Not only did we pass the most significant conservation bill of over 50 years, but we nearly we increased the funding of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory by nearly 50 percent. I saved the production tax credits for wind and solar and the 2017 tax cuts created. The Energy Efficiency Caucus in the House had been working through this and the Senate with a battery storage legislation and energy savings performance contracting, an energy efficiency bill that we’ve introduced and hopefully will pass very soon. You know, it’s just there are elements of radical environmentalists who are not about the environment. They’re about Democrat control of the Senate and the House. And that’s exactly who is at work with some of those ads. 

[00:12:30] And senators, you’ve been so generous with your time. And I certainly hope that you’ll come back before Election Day for sort of a closing argument. And we continue to invite John Hickenlooper, but not holding my breath because he knows he can’t defend his positions. And and so but for those folks out there right now, and I do think there are some undecideds and there are probably some other folks who could use a little more motivation for those folks out there who are on the fence. What can you say to them to to persuade them that they need to a vote? And above all, vote for you. 

[00:13:03] Yeah, that I’m a fighter for Colorado. Not just part of Colorado, but all four corners of Colorado. I’m the third most bipartisan member of the United States Senate, the third most bipartisan member, because I believe working together gets more results done. And if you look at what we have done for Colorado, it’s opening up. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Space Command, Arkansas Valley conduits more legislation than the entire Colorado delegation combined. And I believe that we can make the future brighter through getting government out of the way, letting America work. And if you look at what my my plans will do, they will create jobs. They will create wage growth as they have Hispanic families over the last two dozen, 18, 19 saw their their family wealth increased by 65 percent. African-American families saw their wealth increased by about 33 percent on average per family. That’s the work that will continue. John Hickenlooper wants to cut 230000 families out of their other job by destroying the energy industry. He wants a massive tax increase by undoing the work that we did through tax cuts. So it’s just a pretty stark difference between our two approaches. One. I’m for Colorado, not for Washington, too. He wants to just follow the big government, Chuck Schumer, away. 

[00:14:13] And the other thing I’d throw in there is what kind of Washington do people want? Because undeniably, people on both sides of the aisle recognize this. You are a happy warrior. And I think that’s what people want in Washington. They understand it’s not all going to be lovey w we’re not going to agree on everything. But but you approach everything in a cheerful, positive way. You do everything you can to be bipartisan. And contrast that with with what you’ve seen from Hickenlooper. And I thought Center The Gazette made a really great point, too. I mean, when you talk about influence, effectiveness, you are so young. You’ve gotten so much done already. You’ve laid such a great foundation there. You’re in this position of of real leadership already. And as say, Hickenlooper does win, which I do not expect, say he does win at that point. He goes in much older. He doesn’t even want to be there. He said. So obviously he’s not. He’s going to be a place holder. He’s not going to set the world on fire. And Colorado loses so much in terms of effectiveness. It’s kind of a wasted seat at point yet. 

[00:15:15] No. And I have vowed not to use his agent experience against him in this race. But again, the third youngest member of the Senate and been able to get a lot of work done. And, you know, I think the other thing, too, that a lot of people don’t realize, every single statewide elected official, Colorado, is within about 30 miles of Denver. I’m older. There’s nobody else outside of that area except for me. And I think Colorado is more than just the Denver Boulder. 

[00:15:44] Yeah. Well, hey, thanks for the time. Thanks for everything you’ve done. And hope we can get together again before Election Day. Hey, thanks, Dan. Thanks for having me. Take care. That is US Senator Cory Gardner. So glad he spent some time with us. He’s always been great about that, you know, because he’s one of those folks and, you know, he can back up everything he sets. He never ducks an interview. You know, and then you contrast that with the John Hickenlooper of the world and it would just be a wasted seat. And we’ve had giants in Colorado from both sides of the aisle. 

[00:16:15] And Cory Gardner is in that proud tradition. We’ve had some giants in the past on on the Democrat side. You know, Gary Hart before the scandal, you know, and we’ve had others. But give me a break. John Hickenlooper. What what a waste of a seat that would be. All right, man. Hey. Need to hear from you after the break. What do you want to see the president do?