Peter Boyles Show, Patrick Neville, March 25, 2020

Station:     KNUS, 710 am

Show:       Peter Boyles Show

Guests:    Neville, Patrick


Date:        March 25, 2020

Topics:      Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, Liquor Stores, Jeff Sloban, Tri-County Health, Unelected Bureacrats, Doctors, Maintenance Worker, Terminate the Contract, Castle Rock, Home Rule, Run on the Stores, Socieal Distancing Procedures, Shortage of Surgical Masks and PPE, Outrageous, Outlandish, Daycare, Fines, County Commissioners, Essential Business, Panic, Perpetrated by Michael Hancock, Two-Hour Prohibition, Jared Polis, Constitutional, Stay at Home, Immunocompromised, Health Industry Supply Drive, Elected Officials, Vetting, Lockdown, Playgrounds,

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BOYLES:   understand that when they pulled this Sri-County thing that Steffan broke, that you didn’t know about it.

NEVILLE:  No, I mean, I had kind of heard rumors from a town council man, Jeff Sloban was talking to me about the possibility of it, and I was just kind of thought it was a little far-fetched, and you know, I reached out to my commissioner beforehand and said, “Hey, if this happens, you guys should oppose it.”  And [I] didn’t think there was any —  I figured they would have had a more deliberate process before they did this. And then, no, they went ahead and pulled the trigger — these unelected bureaucrats on this board, all of them unelected. I mean, to give an example, I think one of them is a maintenance worker for some building and doesn’t even know what a mill levy or bond is. So, he’s not, like, super professional doctors or anything.  But this unelected board just shut down three counties

BOYLES:  So, what do we do with this?

NEVILLE:  Well, we push back. I mean, at least I think all of us in the Douglas County delegation, we’re going to be looking to our commissioners to terminate the contract with Tri-County. I don’t think unelected bureaucrats should be making this decision.  I think Castle Rock probably has the authority through home rule, which is constitutional authority rather than a statutory authority, to push back on this as well. So, that’s what I’m working on, because people just lost their minds. This order is outlandish and outrageous. It’s going to cause even more harm, because now it’s going to cause a run on all the stores.  […]

BOYLES:  […] It’s one thing when Polis or this ridiculous thing from Hancock — but other municipalities and cities, they’re not doing it! And I don’t know if it’s a power grab, but they’re talking about turning Jeffco Fairgrounds into a hospital morgue. What the hell kind of talk is that?

NEVILLE:  No, it’s completely insane.  I think we have — what? — something like 40 people, maybe it’s 80 people — somewhere in that range that have actually been hospitalized. I mean, look, there is a real shortage on things like PPE, the masks and stuff like that for hospital workers because global supply chains have been disrupted, a real shortage on ventilators and things like that.  Those are kind of the real issues we need to be facing […]

BOYLES:  I said Jeffco, it’s DougCo. I apologize in advance — or aftermath.  […]  What seems interesting to me is the willingness of people not to question. But they react to the panic, and it’s perpetrated by the media, perpetrated by bureaucrats and elected officials. I mean, Polis’ ‘grim reaper’ speech was interesting […] I don’t know what to say. Is it constitutional to do this?  And by the way, to everybody in the audience, you plan on staying home?  What are you going to do, Neville?  Are you going to stay at home?


BOYLES:  That was pretty quick!

NEVILLE:  No, I’m not. No, and quite frankly, I’ve got a job to do.  And look, I’m affected by this, too. I’m immunocompromised; I’ve got 60% lung capacity from some nasty stuff that I inhaled in Iraq

BOYLES:  I know.

NEVILLE:  But I’ve got a job to do. I was out this past Sunday with the PPE drive, working that and helping that out.  And we got over 100,000 masks and millions of gloves donated, and that was actually helping out with the cause.  And that’s what we should be focusing on. These panic orders are not the solution. […] It’s leading to a Gestapo-like mentality.