Colorado’s Morning News, Reince Priebus, February 28, 2014

Station:   KOA, 850 AM

Show:      Colorado’s Morning News

Guests:    Priebus


Date:       February 28, 2014

Topics:      Ken Buck, Cory Gardner, Congressional District 4 (CD-4), Gubernatorial Race, Campaign, Governor John Hickenlooper, Republican National Convention, Denver, Las Vegas, Columbus, Phoenix, Ryan Call, Republican, Obamacare,

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HOST STEFFAN TUBBS:  Welcome back to the program in Denver.  This has been a very, very big week for politics in general in Colorado. How are you watching it from outside?

REPUBLICAN NATIONA CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS:  Yeah, I see it the same exact way.  I mean, I was actually just in Denver on [pause] Wednesday, I think – let’s see, I’m losing track of my days.

TUBBS:  I think it was Tuesday.

HOST APRIL ZESBAUGH:  Ah!  Is that a coincidence?  [laughter from hosts]

PRIEBUS:  Tuesday I was in Denver and um, and then I got that word, obviously, the next day, but this is something that obviously lots of people had been hoping for.  But I will tell you that –you know, I know there’s other people running in the primary there, so we obviously don’t get too involved in the primary level.  But clearly, things are happening there in Colorado, for the good if you’re a Republican, for the bad if you’re a Democrat.  And actually, if you look at all the states that are moving in the country, we look to Colorado as sort of the biggest state movement to our direction, and of all of the states that the President won twice, you look at the dissatisfaction of voters on the President, on Obamacare—for the first time, what you have around the country, and even more so in Colorado, in that while the past, people didn’t really approve of the performance of Barak Obama, they liked him personally.  Well, now what you’re seen in the polling in Colorado, is that while they again don’t approve, by even higher margins, the job that Barak Obama’s doing, they also – his personal favorability is upside-down in a big way there, in your state and so that’s why I think things look very good for us in Colorado.

ZESBAUGH:  Let’s talk specifically about the Gardner/Buck move over the past couple of days. I heard some people give you credit for being – I don’t know, the puppet master, maybe, behind these latest political moves.  Can we credit you with any of that?

PRIEBUS:  [laughs] You always want to take credit for good developments. But I—listen I think there’s a good team in Colorado, and I will tell you that the Republican Party State Chairman out there Ryan Call is very quietly and diligently putting a Republican party on the map out there.  And I will tell you from a national perspective, and it’s not just spin and talk, Ryan Call is become one of the best Chairman in the entire country. And just, you know, with some patience I think you’re going to see a Republican party much like how we had one in Wisconsin that with the right moves, and the right candidates, and an infrastructure, you know, of, you know, the work on the ground, the digital and the data, and getting the right candidates working together, you can win again in Colorado.  And I think you’re very, very close to being the next Wisconsin out there.

TUBBS:  We had Ryan Call on last hour and he says the same nice things about you, by the way.

PRIEBUS:  Well, that’s nice.

TUBBS:  Let me ask you, you know, I know this is kind of a work in progress, and that’s – reading between the lines, that’s what I hear you saying, with the Republican Party in Colorado, therefore how important is it, from your side of things, to get John Hickenlooper out of office and what about some bigger name entering or the Republican Party?

PRIEBUS:  Well, I mean, I’m going to leave that to Ryan, but I’ll tell you that certainly, those are the rumblings we’re hearing here as well.  I mean, at the state level, you know, potentially more moves coming to bear in that govenor’s race.  But I don’t want to get ahead of anybody or even ahead of myself.  I’ll just tell you that I think that what you’re seeing happening, especially in the last few days, these are things that have been happening for weeks and months, and I think there’s more to come.  And as far as being a good chairman here at the RNC, my job is to keep my head down, and to make sure that we’ve got the resources, the manpower, the people, the technology, and the data to pour into Colorado so that when the time comes that the switch needs to be flipped, that you’ve got an national party that has all the resources that you need in order to win in Colorado.  And that’s really my job.  And that’s what I have to do.

ZESBAUGH:  There are – you guys made it no secret, you need six seats in the senate to change that balance of power. Is Colorado, do you think, one of your best chances at getting that Senate seat in the country?

PRIEBUS:  Oh, one hundred percent! I mean, it’s clearly – you know, Udall is upside down.  Obamacare is not what was promised, direct—you know– quotes from the Senator out there from himself that will come to bear in the next several months. But clearly, Colorado is on the map.  People are excited about winning the seat.  And you know what, this is our best chance in 24 years to win the United States Senate.  It’s going to be a while before this opportunity comes back.  And I think we’re all focused in on it and Colorado is right in the middle of it.

TUBBS:  Listen, we’re biased.  We were cheerleaders for the DNC coming.  We are cheerleaders for the RNC coming in 2016.  And now, because I have your ear, just imagine this.  Play this little role game with me.

PRIEBUS:  Mm-hmm.

TUBBS:  [affecting an announcer’s voice] “It was eight years ago today,”  or thereabouts, “Barak Obama promised X, Y, and Z.  And we’re back to tell you the Republican Party is–.“ Wouldn’t that sound great in Denver?

PRIEBUS:  It would sound wonderful.

TUBBS: Okay, good.  So–.

PRIEBUS:  And I will tell you that – no, it’s very — Denver did a fabulous job in getting their RFP here, just looking at it this morning.  And I would just tell you, and I was talking to your producer off the air, I am very surprised at how quickly the entire community in Denver has gotten behind this bid.  And I will tell you, I mean, both Republicans and Democrats out there are working together to try and make this happen.  And it’s a good thing to see. The business community of – you know, all political backgrounds that are totally gung-ho on this.  And I think it’s a testament to what you’re all about out there, and helping each other out.  Um, even when you don’t agree on the politics, I think it’s a good sign.

ZESBAUGH:  Yep, we all speak the color green.  And there would be a lot of it if we got the RNC here in 2016.


TUBBS:  We can go to Vegas anytime.  And Columbus?  Really?

ZESBAUGH:  Come on!  Please.

TUBBS:  Come on!

PRIEBUS:  Well–.

ZESBAUGH:  [hearty laughter from hosts] What are you going to say, right?

PRIEBUS:  We have to – we’ve got to go through the process, guys.

TUBBS:  We’ll see you in Denver in 2016.

PRIEBUS:  All right.

ZESBAUGH:  Reince Priebus, thanks for the time this morning.  RNC Chair there, in Washington.

PRIEBUS:  All right.  See ya!

TUBBS:  Did we sway him?

ZESBAUGH:  Oh, I think it’s no constest.

TUBBS:  It’s a done deal.