Art’s Place, Robert Ramirez, 10/01/2011

Show: Art’s Place
Guest: Robert Ramirez
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Date: 10/01/2011
Topics: US Economy, Wall Street, Unemployment Benefits, Proposition 103
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RAMIREZ: If a am speaking to the rotary club, or if I am speaking on the House floor, or if I am speaking in front of a Republican group, or if a am speaking in front of a bunch of teachers at a school, or no matter where I am, I do not put on a different accent for them. I don’t put anything different on. The only difference is that I might dress differently, just for comfort level. For them as oppose to me…

RAMIREZ: The full economy of our country has nothing to do with the policies of George Bush. The debt maybe. But the actual economy has to do with things like NAFTA, where we allowed jobs to just go flying out of the country with no problem. Where we as Americans started getting subsides out the…just complete subsidies to American companies at the drop of a hat from our federal government. So we stopped innovating. So the policies of Bill Clinton caused American companies to stop innovating and kind of go along with the status quo because we were all fine. So you get to the end of George Bush’s term. You got that compiled on with the policies of a Democratic Congress. And the debt that we have raised, a trillion dollars at that point. Less than a trillion, $800 billion I think it was. And then you get into Obama’s presidency. And the bottom drops out of the debt. I don’t know how many quadrillion we are at now, its ridiculous. But the point was the economy dropping the combination of Clinton policies and the Democratic congress for those four years. Now you will notice that we kind of flattened out when the Republicans took back the House. The economy is not better yet because this is due to what happened under Clinton. But they were able to smooth it out. The President’s policies have not affected the economy one way or the other, except to put us in severe debt…

RAMIREZ: We have to look at it in a certain way Art. Its like the way Speaker McNulty had us locally do things. When we got control of the House, it wasn’t we wanted to get our control back. We don’t want control back. Its we want to bring in a new majority that was going to be smart, fiscally conservative and truly look at what we could do to get our state back in order. We need that in our federal Congress. We don’t need to get the power. We don’t need to get the control. What we need to have is the people in there that are willing to make…you hear the tough decisions…but really willing to make real decisions in real programs and real spending and say we just need to get in here and do what’s right for the country. Not what’s good for all the people. Do what’s right for one person. What I mean by that is if we worry about the people then we get into a social issue. We are a country of laws, not a country of people. Being a country of laws that means each individual will have the ability to create a life for themselves. So by getting back into Congress and having the Senate and the House or the Senate and the House and the President, we effectively can stop the spending policies, the giveaway programs. Give corporations, give companies, give small businesses back the money that they deserve. Cut the regulations make these companies fell ok I under stand that we are in a down turn but we have this capital that we can reinvest in people and in product. And by doing that we will restart the economy because I am not concerned about the changes in regulation and policy that could quite possibly bring us to our knees. I’ll give you an example, many companies have you hear about the huge profits, they are just holding on to their money. They are greedy fat cats. The rallies they are against Wall Street for holding onto the money. Well, it’s their money. And they are holding onto it because they do not know what is coming…

RAMIREZ: The federal government has to follow a model. They can’t just say oh well all the sudden we got an emergency so we are going to get rid of the balanced budget. It’s kind of like saying we will continue welfare because it was a programs that was supposed to last six years, but it seems to be working because we are giving people money. Now welfare is out of control. Medicaid is out of control. And I understand there are people that need it. Growing up my family needed it at times. But if you look back at when you got unemployment for six months, that’s all you got, the average time it took people to find a job was five and a half months. When they increased unemployment to a year, the average time to took people to find a job was eleven and a half months. When they increased it to three years, the average time it is taking people to find a job is two years, eleven and a half months.

CALLER: My little pony. It’s a TV show. Its really good. You should watch it. You look like someone who would like it.

CARLSON: Well I’ll try to catch it.

CALLER: You should, it’s a melting pot of friendship.

CARLSON: Well that’s good. Well thank you for being on the show. That was a little weird there.

RAMIREZ: My little pony?

CARLSON: My little pony. I wonder if that comes with Gumby and Pokey.

RAMIREZ: No, it’s a kids show. It started out as just a toy many many years ago. And its actually pushed towards the liberal. The melting pot of friendship, so to speak…

CARLSON: What are you thoughts about the people occupying Wall Street this week?

RAMIREZ: It’s ridiculous. Period. They are running around saying… Basically the President has done this. He is inciting class welfare. And the reason is, I don’t know why he is doing it. But it is really come from ignorance. These people are going out thinking the rich are taking everything and they are not letting us have anything. Well, they are not entitled to anything. One of the tings I love is a definition I heard this year. Its really something where you are taking something…you expect something that you haven’t earned. An entitlement is expecting something you have not earned. And if you haven’t earned it, it’s not yours. Somebody else has earned it. This mentality they’ve got yelling at Wall Street is oh these big companies, back to what I said earlier, holding their money and they are not giving it to us. Well, they don’t have to.

RAMIREZ: You are going to tax the wealthy more? Well I’ll tell you what. There is an option on your 1040 to give more money. So Warren Buffet, if you are not giving enough money and you feel so guilty about it, go ahead and donate 50 percent of your income and help us out. Mr. Gates, Ron Howard, all of you. You Holly wood guys, go ahead and donate your money. But those of us that are sitting down here at the poverty level at $30,000 a year, $20,000 a year or less, we don’t have that money to give. Because we earn every penny we have and we need it. Those of you guys up there in the high dollar values, you earn every penny and you deserve to keep it. But if you feel guilty about having it, feel free to give it to the government. Its funny you will not get that voluntary donation…

RAMIREZ: Are the Democrats going to say we are just tying to play a quid pro quo here and say ok, we have an African-American candidate, so you got one? And that wouldn’t be fair to Herman Cain because he has so much more to offer than President Obama did. President Obama didn’t finish his second Senate seat and now he is finally going to finish a presidency seat. And hopefully only one term. But Herman Cain would have earned it. He is a smart man and to be honest with you, I think right now if he were not to get the nomination and I don’t think he will, that he would make one heck of a vice president. And defiantly a good president down the road.

CARLSON: Oh I think so too. I like his 9-9-9 plan.

RAMIREZ: Absolutely. He’s got some good plans…

RAMIREZ: To the general public, [Perry] he sounds and looks like George Bush. I love George Bush. He was a little bit too liberal fiscally. But we are not going to elect another George Bush.

RAMIREZ: We sure can put this country in a direction where we are self dependent, self reliant, we are…and I don’t mean we close our borders. Trade is the most incredible thing. The more we can make and ship out of our country and bring new money into our country, the stronger we will be.