Art’s Place, Robert Ramirez, 5/14/2011

Show: Art’s Place
Guest: Robert Ramirez
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Date: 5/14/2011
Topics: ASSET Bill, Spanish Culture, Border, Healthcare.
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(00:40:58) RAMIREZ: I was positioned as the person who killed the ASSET Bill. Because I’m Latino, as they say. And really, I make a joke of it, but I didn’t know I was Latino until I started running for office. Prior to that I was just Bobby Ramirez. People asking me questions like what kind of Mexican-American are you? Well, I’m not. I’m American. I am very proud of my Hispanic culture and heritage but I am an American and we’ve got to quit segregating ourselves.

(00:45:37) RAMIREZ: And what people don’t understand is that Spanish culture is probably one of the most, and I hate to say this, if you go down to Mexico, depending on how much money you make, and what part of Mexico you are from, and your bloodline, they are vile to each other. I can tell you there’re people there that are the nicest people in the world but god forbid you talk to somebody from Puerto Rico because they are just horrible people ad they will not have anything to do with them. So they are the most divisive group of people. We still fight each other, its amazing.

(00:47:49) RAMIREZ: Mexico has probably the best natural resources of any country in North America. They’ve got the best vacation spots, they’ve got the best mining abilities, they’ve got the best oil reserves. They’ve got everything. They’ve got gold, they’ve got diamonds, they’ve got everything. But their government is so corrupt that the people are starving. And I don’t blame these people for trying to come here. You know, its like what do you do? Do you sit here and let your family die or do you do what it takes to get somewhere, illegal or not? I don’t blame them for trying to come here. What I do blame them for is when they get here, they’ve gotten here illegally and expect everything for free. They don’t want to work for it.

(00:49:01) HUFF: Well everyone knows that the government can’t do anything as efficiently as the private sector, so they should just privatize the immigration process and pit the companies against each other. Lets say there are four different companies that want to compete for the business, the ones that successfully process the paperwork on the people that want to become citizens are going to be the companies that make more money and the lowest company on the latter is going out of businesses.

RAMIREZ: Yea, Yea. Or lets just open up an employment office on the other side of the boarder. You know? For any of these companies that want to hire people at the lower wage, they go through this employment company who makes sure all the paperwork is processed correctly in the United States before somebody comes in here. There’s a lot of things we can do that will make enough little changes than can fix our problems. It’s just that nobody is willing to step up and say it or do it.

(00:51:02) HUFF: The Obama Administration shoves Obamacare down out throats.

RAMIREZ: Absolutely.

HUFF: I don’t even go to the doctor anymore. I do not trust the entire medical records system now on what they are going to do with our medical records. You know if the Democrats stay in charge I’m pretty much a political enemy. Id they are going to look at peoples records and withhold treatment and stuff, I’m high on that list.

RAMIERZ: You’re right.

HUFF: And I totally believe that the kind of people that run our country right now are the kinds of people who would do that to people.


HUFF: You are correct.

HUFF: My healthcare stuff is private now. I ether pay cash or I don’t go.

RAMIREZ: Well its like the healthcare exchange that we just voted in. This exchange is private companies. The only thing that the government knows is that they are following insurance regulations. Other than that, it doesn’t go through. Had we not done this and it had gone through Hickenlooper signing it though on executive order and being put under the department of health, then all your health records are government. You know? Because all the doctors are working through the government as opposed to working through a private insurance company. Its kind of frightening the things that could happen if we don’t do certain things.


CHRISTA HUFF: We need someone to really articulate how jobs are created because anyone who thinks Socialism is related to job creation clearly knows absolutely zero about the entire topic. You would think it would be a slam-dunk that when people are out of work they would vote Republican but they don’t. So it just means they don’t understand the concept.

ROBERT RAMIREZ: They don’t understand. And I can tell you right now Ronny the person you are going to be running against doesn’t either.

RONNY NELSON: Oh for sure.

ROBERT RAMIREZ: I can tell you that because I have listened to her in the well many times.