Boyles Over, Tom Tancredo, February 2, 2016

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Show:     Boyles Over

Guests:   Tancredo


Date:      February 2, 2016

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HOST PETER BOYLES:  You look pretty good, but you brought that duck hunting hat with you.

FORMER CONGRESSMAN & GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE, TOM TANCREDO:  This is my — this is my favorite hat because it was given to me by my buddy, Steve King.  I was out in Iowa, hunting with him and Ted Cruz.

BOYLES:  Yeah, yeah.  There you go.  What is Cruz like?

TANCREDO:  Nice guy, very – smartest guy you ever want to meet or talk to, and far more affable in that kind of a setting, where we were, you know, a bunch of guys hunting.

BOYLES:  –Out in the field.

TANCREDO:  Yeah. And also, that night, every time Steve does this– which is every year — we have this big hunt in Iowa and shoot a lot of pheasants, and then you have a dinner and all the politicians in the room have to do their five minute thing, right?  And so, but when it’s in a presidential election year, he gets a lot of — much more high profile people than just me there. And so, Cruz was there and spoke. And in that environment he’s just so much more affable and so much more — I don’t know.  He comes off too stilted, I think, on TV.

BOYLES:  I find that to be true. I mean, we talked about – I had a great experience with John McCain, a couple experiences with John McCain.

TANCREDO:  Oh, yeah! Me, too.  [laughter] Holy mackerel!

BOYLES:  [laughs] I know.  Your’s was tough.  Mine was good.  And then when he started his campaign, I thought, “That’s not the guy I hung out with.” And the same thing with Bob Dole.  After it was over, I met Bob Dole. Bob Dole was funny, hilarious –


BOYLES:  –self-deprecating, made fun of himself.  I thought, “Where is this guy?”

TANCREDO:  Yeah! Well, and Ted is that way.  And I know he’s trying hard to sort of overcome — because everybody tells him that, you know, “Too stiff, you don’t come off well.” So I think he’s trying to be more – but it’s all – you can see that, too, in a way.  You see him sort of forcing it, you know?

BOYLES:  Yeah.  Yeah.

TANCREDO:  And I love the guy!  Believe me! I think he’s great!   I supported him 100% and – well, oh! Gosh! So, we’re there at this hunt.  He says to me – and I had just written—I had written—I write a column for Beitbart every week.  And I just wrote the column that week that I had left the Republican Party, and –but that I was going to start a Colorado Independents for Cruz thing.   And he got it — somebody had sent it to him.  And so, anyway, we’re in Iowa and about to go down to this dinner thing, and he says to me, “Hey!  I saw that article! I really appreciate it!  Boy, I – we’re going to get back to you.  I told my people,” you know, “follow up on that!”  Of course, he never did.

BOYLES:  Sure.

TANCREDO:  But then he says – so he goes, he says “You probably don’t remember this.” And he said, which — and I’m glad when people say that because I probably don’t.

BOYLES:  It gives you an ‘out’ card.

TANCREDO:  That’s exactly it.  Right.  But, he says, “Uh, you know, in 1998,” he says, “you were running for Congress.”  He said, “I was in Denver for some event.”  And he said, “I, uh — I went ahead I – you came in to speak top whatever this group was.  And you were running for –.”  And he said, “I wrote you a check for a hundred dollars.”

BOYLES:  All right!

TANCREDO:  And I said, “You’re right.  I don’t remember!”  Well, I didn’t know who Ted Cruz was in 1998! Who did?

BOYLES:  I didn’t, either!

TANCREDO:  And so – and so, bottom line:  what was really embarrassing, I have not given him a penny!

BOYLES:  [laughter].  Well, that’s –.

TANCREDO:  You know?  Yeah!  Then I – but, you know, that’s one way to get – give money to a candidate!  I thought that, you know.  You can always say, “Hey, I gave you a check ten years ago.  About time!”