Caplis & Silverman, Mike Coffman, 11/24/2010

Station: 630 K-HOW
Show: Caplis & Silverman Show
Guest: Mike Coffman
Date: 11/24/2010
Topics: Fort Hood Shooting, North Korea, China.
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Coffman: It’s this whole version of political correctness. And we sacrificed 13 American solders on the altar of political correctness. Because I have read the files on Major Malik Hasan, the shooter that took these lives of these innocent Americans, and there was incident after incident in his military files that show his increasing radicalization. And the Army turns its back each time again in favoring political correctness. We are at war with radical Islam. And it’s an ideology. It’s a political ideology cloaked in a religion that has declared war on the United States. I served with Muslim-Americans in Iraq in 2005-2006. And the serve and they distinguish themselves as patriots for this country. And in my view, they would welcome being vetted so that their fellow soldiers knew and marines knew on the ground that they had no sympathies to radical Islam. And yet to be political correct, we don’t allow the same process to occur that occurred during the Cold War when we vetted all Americans entering the military to make sure that they had no sympathies to Marxist Communism that in effect declared war on the United States.


Coffman: China is a threat to the economic security of this country, if not the national security of this country, but virtue of our economic relationship. I’m certainly a free-trade person but I think we’ve got problems in this relationship