Caplis & Silverman, Mike Coffman, 2/25/2010

Station: 630 K-HOW

Show: Caplis & Silverman Show

Guest: Mike Coffman


Date: 2/25/2010

Topics: Healthcare Summit, Obamacare, Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, New Employee Tax Credits.

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SILVERMAN: Is [Obamacare] going to get through the House of Representatives?

COFFMAN: I don’t know. The President has a lot of leverage with members of his own party. George Bush got a prescription drug bill through for the Medicare system where I think there were a lot of questions about the financial solvency of that and its impact on the Medicare system. And yet he was able to really pressure members of his party to go along. Because they certainly didn’t want to. And the reality is the numbers were fudged.

SILVERMAN: Yea, except for your predecessor Tom Tancredo.  I don’t think he voted for that.

COFFMAN: He did not vote for it and god bless him for that.

SILVERMAN: What about that jobs bill this week? Did you vote for that?

COFFMAN: We haven’t had that yet in the House. That passed the Senate but we haven’t had that yet in the House.

SILVERMAN: Are you going to vote for it?

COFFMAN: No. I just think the problem is, well, I’ve got to look at it. But what I have seen so far, pushing the deficit up more and to say ok we are going to give a tax credit for new employees and we are going to give a tax credit for increasing wages for existing employees, as a former small business owner who went through a recession, that virtually makes no sense to me. The issue is being able to hold onto your existing jobs. And what we need is really a reduction in tax rates.