Caplis & Silverman, Scott Gessler, 9/28/2011

Station: 630 KHOW

Show: Caplis & Silverman Show

Guest: Scott Gessler


Date: 9-28-2011

Topics: Denver election fraud, Larimer County Republicans

Silverman: but you reduced it to a fraction of what it was.

Gessler: Because what happens …So if you look look at a dollar amount, the heaviest ever by a secretary of state, and it’s very large, very large as a percentage of the original fine…What I did, and this is what you should consider Craig, is I actually passed a rule, in advance, showing how I was going to apply those standards, publicly, which has never been done before, and then I actually followed that rule, and then we filed the heaviest fine in state history against Larimer County Republicans. I don’t know how that’s partisan.


Caplis: Why, specifically, do you think the Denver Clerk wants to send ballots to inactive voters?

Gessler: I don’t know. In 2007, the Denver Clerk was the Aurora City Clerk.  And she refused to send ballots to inactive voters back then. I guess she has since changed in this year. Perhaps it’s pressure from her City Council or someone else. I don’t know why.

Caplis: But what were they trying to accomplish?

Gessler: You know, I don’t know. I’m guessing they are trying to increase the number of people who vote in the turnout from inactive voters. I mean there’s really only a very small portion of inactive voters who vote.

Silverman: But isn’t that a good thing, if more people vote?

Gessler: It’s good if you don’t have fraud. But Denver itself admitted, there’s a pretty high incidence of fraud in inactive-voters returned ballots. They rejected in their municipal election well over 200. So we know fraud exists. The question is, what’s the extent and what’s the proper balance.  The Legislature struck that balance. I’m going to respect it.

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