Colorado’s Morning News, Cory Gardner, December 20, 2017

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Show:       Colorado’s Morning News

Guests:    Gardner, Cory


Date:        December 20, 2017


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HOST APRIL ZESBAUGH:: [00:00:00] Let’s get into it with Colorado U.S. Senator Cory Gardner who joins us live from the Beltway. Good morning Senator. Good morning. April and Ed with you. This is a plan. Did you want to see this plan in its current form passed and what’s the best thing in this bill for middle class Coloradans.

U.S. SENATOR FROM COLORADO, AND PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN SENATORIAL COMMITTEE (NRSC), CORY GARDNER: [00:00:15] I think for middle class Colorado it means they get to keep more of their money in their own pockets instead of sending it to Washington. If you’re a single parent family if you’re a single parent you have one child earning forty one thousand dollars a year. Next year you’re going to see a nearly 75 percent reduction in the taxes you pay. That means you’re going to see over a thousand dollars in tax reductions you’ll be able to keep instead of sending off to the IRS.

HOST ED GREENE: [00:00:37] Now Senator Gardner I believe here but I keep hearing it is my question of the morning 2027 ten years from now are already saying everything is going to come back. The the Crow has come back to roost as the expression my go. And then we have to pay for this thing and we might be paying more in taxes than we are right now.

GARDNER: [00:00:53] Well first of all I think taxes should be made permanent. I think they should be extended and I think the only reason they would not be extended is if people vote against a tax cut. So I think they’ll be made permanent. But I also think this is going to result in economic growth if you’re a median family household a family of four. Now you’re going to see a nearly 60 percent tax reduction next year. So I think those families those businesses that receive tax cuts are going to invest in the economy grow the economy and will actually turn this into a positive. Like we’ve seen in previous previous efforts this bill gets rid of the Obamacare mandate.

ZESBAUGH: [00:01:24] How do you feel about that for Coloradans who may it depended on them.

GARDNER: [00:01:28] This gives Coloradans a choice. They no longer are forced to buy a plan that they can’t afford and be fined by the IRS or taxed by the IRS if they don’t. Over 100000 Coloradans are fined or taxed by the IRS for not buying an Obamacare policy. Nearly 80 percent of them earn less than fifty thousand dollars a year. This is one of the most unfair aspects of the Affordable Care Act where the government was forcing people who couldn’t afford it to buy overpriced policies. And I think that’s why this is important as we work toward real healthcare reforms to provide relief to American families who cannot afford the outrageous expensive Obamacare as senator with the everything that’s been going on the passing right down party lines are the priorities of Washington the same as the priorities of the American people. Well I think the priorities at least that I have taken with me from Colorado to Washington is making sure that Colorado get to keep more of their own dollars that Washington gets out of Colorado’s way and that we give people throughout all four corners of the state the opportunity to thrive to live better lives and to do what they want to do instead of what Washington dictates and so that’s a principle that I fight for each and every day.

ZESBAUGH: [00:02:33] When you come back to Colorado for the holidays you know we’ve got to fund the government through the rest of the year.

GARDNER: [00:02:38] It gets a lot of basic work like expand access expanding excuse me reauthorizing chip through the rest of the next year. And so we’ll see what happens.

ZESBAUGH: [00:02:49] OK thanks. Senator we translated I guess through the language what you are coming back. Do you have a bag right. Your wife and family called they want to tell you to come back home. I think I’ve got some gift wrapping I have to actually write.