Colorado’s Morning News, Ken Buck, May 17, 2017

Station:    KOA, 850 AM

Show:     Colorado’s Morning News

Guests:    Buck, Ken


Date:      May 17, 2017


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Children the great state. We have to make while chewing our newsline government always good to talk to you. Thanks for the time to prep Republican congressman from the great state of Colorado can buggies on our newsline Congress and always good to talk to you and thanks for the time you grab me what you think about the memo and where we are as we wake up this morning seems like every single morning of late there something you I agree with but nobody is. I have nothing and the people that are rushing to judgment have not been the backbone. I think as a prosecutor for 25 years on all the facts before make any judgments on what’s going on. I think that Dir. Coley should come before Congress. I think you should testify. Congress has asked for the documentation from the FBI and I think we should look at it but I think it’s really important for people to withhold judgment until we know what’s going on. If it says what we’ve heard that it says in there. Those seven words about you know essentially try to halt the investigation into into Mike Flynn is as far as obstruction of justice or is it something else to contact you got your colleague while we expect the guide act independently and we expect them to conduct free and fair investigation, the director, the FBI answers to the Deputy Attorney General… Of the Atty. Gen.*liquor so there is a a line of command there. I don’t know what the context was the present conversation with the director but it’s one of things is troubling is why didn’t the director immediately say to the president later. Second, this is an appropriate or make some comment after the meeting with the president. All we all we know is that the director, he was fired, and in the alleged words and alleged memo. Is there any kind of more. I’m assuming the answer to this is absolutely not. But I just thought I’d ask you because of your prosecutorial background. Is there any border between what you know of the law and what you know of your party and your position in Congress and the White House and how you’ve seen even in your new book that you just wrote right that the machinations of good, bad and ugly of Washington for any blur you is or is there any difference between your looking at things from a legal perspective, but then you’re also a man of the party and representing your district and your congressman as well. I think politically, you know you want to make sure that is acting straightforward matter and understand his role in government that the young people are talking about criminal charges, obstruction of justice. It is way too early to make any sort of judgment in that regard. Just the day-to-day give us a little insight as we wrap up with you. While this is all going on in their fires. It seems like to put out every day is it tough for you to get your work done is a tougher for lawmakers. Republican or Democrat to get their daily work done not have to tell you it’s amazing difference I see members of Congress or Senators focused on improving our health insurance system of this country working on tax reform. This is national law enforcement week and got several important bills to protect law enforcement officers and first responders and that’s what people are focused on right now. All of this noise going on around us is distracting from a lot of good news in this country with low unemployment and high consumer confidence right now and so it’s really interesting to see the difference between what’s going on every day and what’s what some people in the media are talking about Ken Buck always appreciate your time. Thanks so much. And as always, good luck. Thank you very much