Colorado’s Morning News, Mike Coffman, May 15, 2017

Station:    KOA, 850 AM

Show:     Colorado’s Morning News

Guests:    Coffman, Mike


Date:      May 15, 2017


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ZESBAUGH: Now, on Colorado’s Morning News, weekend job interviews in DC to fill that vacancy at the head of the FBI. And reports say the President has nearly a dozen people on the – quote, unquote — short list for consideration to fill the role left by James Comey’s firing.  Republican Congressman from here in Colorado, Mike Coffman, is back in our state and joins us live with more. Welcome back!


ZESBAUGH: Thanks for coming on.  So what names do you like on the short list and which ones do you disagree with?

COFFMAN:  Oh, I think John Suthers would be great. I think that, you know, somebody coming – anybody who does this should be from a law enforcement background.  John Suthers is certainly — former US attorney, former prosecutor in El Paso County, strong leadership background in running the Department of Corrections in Colorado, and the Atty. General’s office.  And now the [mayor of the] city of Colorado Springs! [laughs].

TUBBS:  Yeah, exactly! Don’t forget his current gig.  Let’s talk, Congressman, — if you will – about – a little bit about these allegations that recorded conversations are taking place. Donald Trump was wondering if James Comey recorded him. Others are wondering if the White House is recording others. I mean, would you feel safe in going to the White House and having a conversation, confidentially and in securely with the President, fearing maybe that it was going to be recorded?

COFFMAN:  Well, I – first of all, unfortunately, I think that there is no controversy too small that this White House can’t turn into a really big one. And so, I — you know, the President needs to message discipline, or I –.  I don’t know about that.  I do think that a special prosecutor, at the end of the day, really needs to be appointed to get down to the bottom of all the stuff, because he’s – it has created such a circus in Washington DC.  And I really do think that the advantage of a special prosecutor –. One of the criticisms is that he could go in any direction.  But there has to be probably cause that a crime was violated.  And a crime, clearly, where there has been probably cause is the unmasking of private citizens by the prior administration. And so, I think, let it –let it– let it look at that. Let it look at potential collusion, but I do think it needs to go in that direction.  And in this circus in Washington, let us focus on – I think – the President’s agenda, certainly the parts that I can agree with, what the American people want. You know, they want us to fix this healthcare system.  They want us to reform the tax code.  And they want us to repair our crumbling infrastructure.

TUBBS: Yeah, you mentioned the need for an independent prosecutor. That’s not a popular opinion by Republicans. You’ve also gone against the grain when it comes to your stance on the GOP healthcare plan. Have you gotten grief from your own party?

COFFMAN:  Oh, I get grief from every direction possible. [laughs] It’s part of the job! It’s just part of the job. But I did differ with the MacArthur amendment, with pre-existing conditions. I just thought it needed to be tighter. I added an amendment for that. And instead, the leadership in my Party chose to throw 8 billion dollars at the problem. I disagreed with that. And I told them – you know, pretty early on — that my vote is contingent upon, you know, getting an amendment to fix the pre-existing conditions part. I didn’t get it on there.

TUBBS: We’ll let you run, at that. We’ll talk to you soon. And if we don’t talk to you before Memorial Day, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  And I know you’ll be taking part in ceremonies, probably, no doubt, here, in our own backyard. Thanks, Mike!

COFFMAN:  And Stefan, thanks for all you do for veterans. Yeah, God bless you both. Thanks so much for having me!